My New Bucket List 2017

Last year I put together a hefty bucket list with all the things big and small I’d love to do within the next 5 years. My last bucket list contained all sorts from travel adventures to big life events like getting married and having kids and a lot of the items on there that at the time I thought were just pipe dreams.

As it turns out I ticked off a load of my 5 year bucket list items all in one year! I flew business class, drank a coconut on a gorgeous beach, saw the northern lights and went husky riding. Seeing as I’ve done a lot of ticking off on my old list I thought it might be about time to make a new one with more adventures and life goals to aim towards…especially as the whole marriage and babies thing might take a little longer than 5 years now!

Go on Safari

This is a relatively new addition to my bucket list after seeing wild orangutans in Borneo and the Komodo Dragons in Labuan Bajo. I’ve got the wild animal bug and next on my list is doing a safari. Throw in a luxury game lodge and some amazing South African wine and you’ve pretty much got a trip that was made for me!

Visit Pig Beach

The Caribbean is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit regardless, but pig beach over there is a major bucket list destination. If you haven’t heard you can swim with wild pigs that live on this beach and frolic with them in the sea! Sounds rather silly and a lot of people don’t believe me when I say this one, but it’s a real place and definitely on my bucket list! Give it a google!

Get My Black Belt in Kickboxing

This one requires a little bit of work at the gym and a few more years training but I’m currently on my way towards my blue belt which is the 5th in my kickboxing school’s grading system and I fully have my sights set on one day wearing my black belt. Best get training then!

Go Scuba Diving

After swimming with the turtles in Mexico and snorkelling in Wakatobi I’ve really become quite comfortable in the ocean. It still scares me a little but I really want to give scuba diving a go so I can see more underwater and also continue to conquer my fear of the big blue.

Hit 50,000 Followers

50K on my youtube channel would be incredible but also on Instagram too. I’d love to have a big number like that next to one of my accounts after all these years of hard work and passion – hopefully I’ll get there from making a difference to people online some day.

Swim In The Blue Lagoon

Iceland is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a while and the blue lagoon just has to be done. If we can add a night inside an igloo then I’ll be even happier…just wrap up warm!

See Turtles Hatch

This you can do in a surprising number of places around the world which I didn’t realise at first. Now I know it’s a bit more accessible than I once thought (you can even hop over to Cyprus at the right time of year to watch this wonder happen) it’s certainly become one of my bucket list items.

What are your top bucket list items?