The New Benefit Brow Range Tried & Tested

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It’s no secret that Benefit is a big deal over on xameliax and they’re the only people I let near my brows for waxing, tinting and beautifying – they’re just so damn good. They’ve got the market cornered and I don’t know what I’d do without my browzings kit. Imagine my delight when I gigantic box of brow products arrived at my door a few months ago containing all their brand new products and shiny updated versions of the classics to try!

So I’ve been putting their new brow recruits to the test to see which are worth buying and which you can do without….spoiler alert, they’re all AWESOME. Whatever your brow dilemma Benefit really do have a product to solve it!

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Last year I was incredibly lucky to be invited down to Benefit HQ to interview their brow expert Jared Bailey and ask him your #BrowSOS questions. He explained that there really isn’t a brow problem Benefit can’t fix and that’s truly apparent from their incredible new collection. Sparse, Thin, Shapeless, Unruly, Un-Even? They’ve got us covered! Let’s take a look at the products in Benefit’s new brow range…

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For Uneven Brows – Goof Proof Brow Pencil (£18.50): This clever little twist up brow pencil comes with a soft coloured pencil on one end and a spooley on the other to help tame and fill in your brows all in one go. Simply twist up and start filling in whilst brushing the product through with the other end. It’s so easy and never needs sharpening, a true goof proof product!

For Shapeless Brows – Precisely My Brow (£18.50): Similar to the Goof Proof pencil but a lot thinner. I actually prefer this pencil as it allows you to recreate individual hairs to build volume and give shape to your brows without filling in with blocks of colour. Use this to flick individual hairs and shape your brows one bit at a time. The spooleys on both of these are really great too!

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For Un-groomed Brows – Benefit Browzings (£24.50) & Ka-Brow! (£18.50): Browzings is my go to brow product with powder on one side and a setting gel on the other. It also comes with it’s own mini brushes and tweezers making it fantastic for travelling but I have to say I’ve really been blow away but Ka-Brow since giving it a whirl! With a little angled brush hidden in it’s lid this gel brow colour is fabulous for quick application and doesn’t budge all day. You can’t go wrong with Browzings (I’ve lost count of how many palettes I’ve had over the years and they last for ages so that’s saying something!) But if you fancy giving something new a go I’d 100% recommend Ka-Brow!

For Unruly Brows – Ready, Set, Brow (£18.50): A clear brow gel that helps keep everything in place! If you have thick brows and don’t need much filling in but want to keep your brows on point throughout the day then this is your product. With a tiny little brush simply apply over your brows to keep them in place for hours. It’s great for ‘just tinted’ brows when you don’t need any colour or volume adding but just want them looking perfect all day!

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For Sparse Brows – Browvo! Conditioning Primer (£21.50): This is a new one on me and I’ve only just started using it, but I like it for days when I’m not wearing any makeup. I find It also helps my browzings go on even easier which is nice. I’ll report back on this one to see how it fairs in the long run helping my brows blossom when applied at night!

For Thin Brows – Gimme Brow (£18.50): I love gimme brow. Like Ready Set Brow but with added tint and fibres to help plump up your brows naturally. The fibres in gimme brow stick to your brows and help add volume while the tinted gel keeps them all in place. Again this is great if you’re looking for a subtle more voluminous brow look.

For Dull Brows – 3D Browtones (£18.50): This is a new one on me but a product I love! 3D Browtones is a little lighter than your brow colour to add subtle highlights and lift the brows if they look a little flat or dull. Great for the summer or if you have a lot of filling in to do and want them to look a little more natural. Fab idea!

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I absolutely love the new Benefit Brow range and for me they really are the best out there to help beautify your brows – you can’t go wrong with a bene-brow in my humble beauty opinion!

You can find the full range on Look Fantastic HERE!

Have you tried any of the Benefit Brow Range? What’s your favourite product?