.NEW Barry M Waterproof Gel Eyeliners & Lash Vegas Mascara | Swatch & Review.

At the weekend my postman delivered a giant envelope from the wonderful Barry M containing their new Spring/Summer 2013 collection and i was really excited – just look at all those polishes and beauty goodies! I couldn’t wait to show you what’s being released for us Berry M fans next month so i figured i better get cracking and start testing everything out!

Waterproof Gel Eyeliners* – £4.59

The first things that caught my eye (aside from those pastel polish shades) were the Waterproof Gel Eyeliners*. I’ve been wanting to try gel eyeliners for a while now but have never had the guts to actually buy one in case they were too tricky to apply. But as there were three gorgeous colours sat in front of me just asking me to use them i had to give them a go!

The packaging is actually really clever. They’re petite little pots filled with gel pigment and the brush actually lives inside the lid that screws off from the pot. They’re brilliant for throwing in your makeup case and keeping it all together, and the mini brush hidden away in there is really very good for it’s size – and it wasn’t even that hard to apply! Just dip the brush into the gel and swipe across your lid to create your desired shape. I used the flat side for the middle of my lid and the side edge to create my flicks and take the liner down towards the corner of my eye. The gel glides on so smoothly and is really quite pigmented which i love. It stays put all day too but isn’t a complete nightmare to remove so i just love it! I did try and run before i could walk though by adding a thin line of the champagne colour above my black…that one didn’t turn out so neat – more practice required for such gel liner fancyness i think! I am loving the other two colours though, a sort of pewter grey and a champagne gold and i think they’re going to look great in the upcoming spring/summer months! 

Lash Vegas Mascara* – £6.49

I thoroughly enjoy trying out new mascaras. I find it amazing how you can get such a wide spectrum of results from the same product across different brands and just how different they can make your lashes look simply by changing the shape of a brush or fiddling with a formula. However i am quite picky when it comes to choosing a mascara and i can count on one hand, well three fingers in fact, the mascaras that i really love and would re-buy again and again. 

Lash Vegas with it’s spiral brush is made to plump up your lashes and add oodles of volume to create ‘BIG showgirl lashes’ – just what i look for in my mascaras. But i have to admit that for me, it just didn’t work on the volume front and it applied a little clumpy with the spiral brush so at first i was a bit disappointed. However once i’d wiggled around a bit (with a lash comb not just with myself!) and smoothed out some of the clumps i was quite impressed with the length even though that’s not it’s main prerogative  It’s jet black colour really made them stand out and seemed to hold the curl well. Although i don’t think i’ll be rushing out to re-buy this mascara, i am impressed by the colour payoff and the length it gives my lashes – and like the liners, it stays all day with no flaking and comes off fairly easily too which is a big bonus.

The Barry M Spring/Summer collection launches on their website and in Superdrug stores on the 13th of February 2013 and in Boots on the 20th. 

What do you think of Barry M’s new Spring/Summer collection? Will you be buying any of these exciting new goodies?

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Of course i will be reviewing their new Gelly and Textured polishes very soon, so keep eyes peeled for those beautiful swatches!