.Shavers Are So Last Season| Nair. 

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram will know that I’m currently lying by a pool in the Spanish sunshine relaxing on a week long holiday with a handsome man. So instead of leaving you without your daily fix of all things beauty and lifestyle I’ve written a series of summer holiday related blog posts to go live while I’m away frolicking on the beach and drinking my weight in cocktails! Of course i’ll be sure to write up a big old blog with some holiday snaps when I’m back but if you want to take a look at what I’m up to (and soak up some virtual sun with me) in real time then you can come and say hello and follow me on Instagram @xameliax!

First in the series is an alternative way to prep your body for some serious bikini time…

I’m a shaving girl through and through despite my mother desperately trying to keep me on the waxing wagon because let’s face it, it’s convenient, it’s painless and most of all it doesn’t cost you £25 every 4 weeks. But as i’m going to be rather exposed in a bikini for a week I’ve decided to explore some longer-term hair removal options for my holiday to avoid worrying about stubble ruining my bikini shots! 

I have very sensitive skin so shaving every day really takes it’s toll for me and as I gave up on my epilator (aka the hair removal torture machine of death) a long time ago I’m often left with sore and bumpy patches when I’m keeping up with my razor every day – not a good look. I hadn’t used a hair removal cream since my teens so when this little tube from Nair dropped through my door I was dubious, but I took one for the beauty team and got testing under my arms to see if they’d improved at all over the years. The Nair Bikini and Underarm Glide On* comes in a twist up, roll on tube that’s a breeze to use. No more pump tubs and strange plastic razor-shape spatulas these days girls (hands up if you remember those!), simply twist, swipe and leave on for 5-7 minutes (which goes surprisingly quickly when you’re exfoliating or brushing teeth in the meantime) before washing off in the shower leaving behind beautifully soft underarms that are fit for a Dove advert. It was such a breeze to use and my underarms stayed stubble free for about 4 days before I needed to think about them again which is a fab result in my eyes. I had no sensitivity problems and it doesn’t smell half as bad as it used to which is a big winner for me. I’ve also tried it (very carefully) on other *ahem* ‘sensitive areas’ and it works wonders there too – perfect for keeping the old bikini lines at bay around the pool! 

Onto the painful bit – home waxing! I did used to get my legs, underarms and bikini line waxed regularly but has to stop because it was getting darn expensive and I begrudge spending so much money paying a lady to very painfully rip hair out of my body! I’ve also never been able to find a wax at home kit I got on with to save a bit of money as I’d always end up burning myself with boiling tubs of wax, dropping it all over the carpet with fiddly spatulas or coming out in a terrible patchy rash afterwards which took days to go down. So once again when I received Nair’s Argan Oil Roll On Wax Kit* I was dubious! Much to my delight and surprise however, it is the easiest at home wax kit I’ve ever used and I’ve had fantastic results to boot! We all know how much Argan Oil does for our skin so it only makes sense to add it to this procedure to help sooth the skin after all the trauma which is exactly what nair have done – even my sensitive legs were fine with this one and the orange blossom scent was a lovely touch.  Simply pop the tube into the microwave for less than a minute, roll onto your skin and using the strips provided whip away – wax on, wax off. It even removes hairs up to 1mm so no waiting around for those bad boys to grow avoiding skirts for a week before hand, it’s incredibly easy to use and i actually quite enjoyed the process!

I have to say, i’m a total convert and i’m really looking forward to not having to shave every morning on holiday! I’d definitely buy both of these again and am rather intrigued about the shower friendly creams nair do too. Razor who?

You can find both of these in Boots starting at £4.32!

Have you used any Nair products before? Would you consider ditching your shaving ritual in favour for a longer-term alternative?

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