Nailvengers Assemble | Untried Polishes

The next in the Nailvengers series – My ‘Untrieds’ Gradient Mani!

Last year at the Cosmo Blog Awards i teamed up with a few of my favourite nail bloggers (One Nail To Rule Them All, The Nailasaurus, Lucy’s Stash and Brit Nails) for the evening and we had such a great time together we decided to create a nail art challenge this year painting different nail designs each month around a certain theme.

This month it’s time to test out some polishes we’ve had in our collection but haven’t managed to play with yet! For mine I’ve chosen to paint a summery pink gradient using Barry M’s Limited Edition Birthday Superdrug Polish – a beautifully chunky bright pink glitter filled jelly and two new polishes from the Graffiti Nails launch. I love the texture of these Graffiti Nails polishes, they apply really well, have a great opacity and dry to a lovely smooth almost gel-like finish and for just £3.99 a bottle i think they’re a fantastic quality range. As for the Limited Edition Barry M, it’s super girly, super pink and great as an accent with layers of different shaped pink, purple and white glitter leaving behind a polish look I’ve never seen before – very interesting! My nails have had a bit of trauma recently as I’ve ramped up my kickboxing so their super short making fancy nail art a bit tricky so this nail art look is fab for any shape or size nails. Gradient nails are such a simple look to achieve but are really pretty once finished:

.How To.

– Prep your nails by filing to one length, pushing back cuticles and applying a base coat

– Paint two coats of your base colour (usually the lightest) I’ve used Grafitti Nails Very Nude*.

– Once dry, using a cut up piece of sponge, pat on your darker colour (I used Graffiti Nails Butterfly Pink*) halfway up the nail graduating the intensity of the colour but pressing lighter as you get closer to the cuticle.

– Once dry paint a line of your darkest colour (Barry M Limited Edition Birthday Nail Paint for Superdrug*) along the tip of your nail and use a clean piece of sponge to pat out and blend with the previous colour.

– Finish with a good coat of Seche Vite to give it a beautiful shine and you’re done!

Don’t forget to tweet me a picture of your nails if you re-create this look @xameliax!

.::.The Nailvengers Assemble Team.::.

Alice from One Nail To Rule Them All

Sammi from The Nailasaurus

Lucy from Lucy’s Stash

Allie from Brit Nails

Amelia from xameliax

What will they paint next month? Stay tuned to find out!

Don’t forget to tweet me a picture of your nails @xameliax with the hashtag #nailvengers if you give my tutorial a go and i’ll retweet some of my favourites!