Mystery Man Revealed! | xameliax Weekly Vlog #68

Gooday from down under! Those of you who follow on instagram (@xameliax) will know that I’m currently in Australia on my biggest trip yet! Well, actually, I’m  frantically typing this in my pyjamas about 12 hours before my flight last Wednesday with an empty suitcase still, but by the power of scheduling weekly vlogs shall magically appear….isn’t the internet great!

So, last week! The bumper vlog part two! I finished my night out with the office boy squad getting in at silly o’clock, then spent the bank holiday mostly slobbing around, brunching and watching King Arthur at the cinema – fab stuff! After that it was all stations go as I travelled down to London to see Lauren and do some exciting filming with JML! It’s been a while since I’ve been on set and I really missed it, thank you to JML for having me, what a fun day.

Then it was off to Lithuania for 4 days which was absolutely great! More about that coming in a travel blog soon though – it’s a weird and wonderful country and my group was full of laughs, a fab trip all round.

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So! As I’m still in Oz until the weekend there won’t be a weekly vlog next Tuesday, but watch out for loads of travel content coming your way very soon and I’ll see you all next time!