My Top 5 Boring Beauty Products

We all love reading and talking about fun new makeup launches, the hottest haircare or products that do wonders for your skin. But what about those beauty products we use every day that just have to function. The products that aren’t all glitz and glamour but we really can’t do without.

There’s still different brands to choose from, products that promise all manner of wonderful things. But they don’t tend to get the screen time because well, they’re just a little bit boring!

So here are my top 5 boring beauty products that form part of my everyday routine…and that I bloody love!

Deodorant – I’ve tried so many deodorants over the years, mostly experimenting in that awkward teenage phase where suddenly out of nowhere your armpits seemed to start working and school because mortifying. None of the big brands that you see on tv ever seemed to work for me until I found Mitchum. This bad boy has been in my beauty drawer every day since I turned 16 and for me no other brand beats it. It keeps you super dry, isn’t too purfumy (you can even get unscented that also works wonders) and it seems to last all day long! I’m currently trying out some of their roll-ons in a bid to save the planet a little more and they’re bloody great too! 10/10

Toothpaste – Again I’ve experimented with toothpastes over the years, usually depending on what’s on offer when I run out! Pearl drops are fab but I find get quite pricey and don’t last that long, although the pink one does seem to keep my nashers quite white. But the two brands I keep coming back to again and again on the toothpaste front are Crest and Oral B. Now I think these guys fall under the same product umbrella with Crest being the US version and Oral B repping the U.K., but these tubes of wonder actually do what they say on the tin. They keep your teeth super white and leave them nice and clean too – highly recommended from me, and I’ve got a lot of tooth to go round!

Razors – You’ll have probably heard me talk about this one before, FFS or Friction Free Shaving is a godsend in the razor world. Women’s razors are extortionate in price and are so flimsy they make me feel like a beast when I’m heavy handedly trying to shave my legs in the shower worrying I might snap it in half. Well FFS has changed the shaving game for me with their beautiful heavy set (and rose gold *squeeee*) razors that come with four new blades each month for under a tenner. That’s a fresh new, sharp and bacteria free blade every week for half the price of the crappy plastic things you find in boots. Definitely check these guys out if you decide to shave your beautiful body, they’re amazing.

‘Intimate Wash’ – Intimate wash. How very British. Basically the soap you stick on your lady garden. My downstairs department is as sensitive as they come and for years I didn’t use anything but water for fear of triggering some kind of infection. But we all need a freshen up every now and again and for me I swear by Femfresh. I usually go for the orange one but they do a sport version that is also pretty good. It works for me and I’m the queen of UTIs!

Body Wash – This is one product that I experiment with a lot. I get sent all sorts of wonderful smelling products for the shower and I give them all a go, but the best for me is always Palmolive and Dove. They give a good lather (god I sound so old) and they just leave your skin feeling super soft which means you don’t have to faff around with body moisturiser after because really, ain’t nobody got time for that. My fave is the almond flavour(?scent?) because it feels super luxurious and always makes me feel a bit pampered even in my quick 5 minute morning rush!

So there we go, a review of arguably the 5 most boring beauty products out there.

What are your go to’s in the boring beauty product world?