.My New Moisturising Skin Savior | Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion.

If you had told me a few years back that i’d only be using two skincare products and my skin would be looking clearer than it’s ever been then i would have probably had you burned at the stake for being a witch. But low and behold, my skincare regime does actually now only consist of two products – LUSH’s Ultrabland Cleanser and Benefit’s Triple Performing Facial Emulsion and i’m so pleased with it! Now i’ve ranted and raved about the wonders of Ultrabland on here and on my Youtube channel for a couple of month’s now, so i thought it best to now introduce you to the other half of my facial power couple.

It’s technically a new addition to my regime however i’ve been using a sample size bottle for several weeks and i loved it so much i had to get on board with the big bottle. I just love everything about this product i have no idea where to start. I guess the packaging, it’s stunning. An old apothecary style bottle with a faux cork screw cap lid and retro labels – it looks gorgeous sat on your side, and the top dispenses your moisturiser with a pump which is super handy too. Two pumps is enough for one application for me and it glides so effortlessly over your skin and sinks in without feeling greasy or oily. It’s quite a thick moisturiser but that doesn’t make it heavy, It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling wonderful right up until morning. 

With my Ultrabland Cleanser being oil based and the facial emulsion working so hard at night i don’t actually use any moisturiser on my skin in the day time now and it’s never looked better. And the best part is, both these products last for ages and don’t cost a bomb to buy either – i honestly couldn’t be happier! So for any acne-prone faces out there looking to strip back their regime look no further than my power combo from Benefit and LUSH. Or for those looking for a deliciously thick moisturiser that works wonders over night but doesn’t feel too heavy then definitely give benefit’s facial emulsion a go. It’s SPF 15 too guys, is there anything it doesn’t do?! Bloody brilliant stuff, hoorah for Benefit once again.

You can find this stunning moisturiser on the Benefit website HERE for £20.50!

Have you tried any Benefit skincare? Does it form part of your daily routine?

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