My First Week As a Full-Time Blogger

My very first week as a full-time blogger/youtuber has been so busy my head’s still spinning! Having had something on every evening last week it’s all felt a little GO GO GO and I haven’t quite found my new routine just yet. The original plan was to have my first week off, take a break and re-charge before throwing myself into the world of self employment but in reality I got one day off before it all started…maybe I’ll take that week off elsewhere ey!

Monday I went up to mum’s to check my car in for a service which was looooong overdue. While it was in the shop mum played taxi driver and we pottered into town together so I could pick up supplies for a very exciting brand collaboration video going live this Friday (eeeek!) and we went for Afternoon Tea at M&S which was lovely! In the afternoon/evening we started work on my newest dress (that needs to be finished for a wedding I’m off to this weekend, no pressure!) and I tootled back home for a few hours in front of the telly with Joe before bed…phew!

Tuesday and Wednesday were work work work trying to get ahead of my blogging game with my new office buddy Wilson – who incidentally is really slack on the tea making front, how rude. I’ve been enjoying cooking lunches and breakfasts this week instead of grabbing things on the go and I can see this becoming a major obsession over the next few months – homemade soup alert! Batiste released some new hair care products which are incredibly exciting for us dry shampoo addicts and I posted Part 1 of my Croatia Vlog which I absolutely adore!

Thursday I got my oven gloves out for this amazing scone recipe ready for Afternoon Tea week this week and I bought an egg poacher after being constantly envious of Lose It Like Lauren‘s ever-perfect eggs…rock and roll! In the evening Joe and I went to go and see The Bodyguard at the Birmigham Hippodrome with Alexandra Burke as Rachel and it was just as moving as the first time I watched it – I even saw Joe shed a little tear too although he’ll never admit it!

Friday I filmed my exciting video (make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it!) – which those of you who follow me on Snapchat (@xaxameliaxax) have already had a sneak peek of – and I went all fruity for breakfast which I enjoyed in bed, because, well, I can! Joe came home and surprised me with this adorable picture frame so we can start collecting our champagne corks and keep them on the wall. Of course we had to start it off with a bottle for good luck and shortly after he told me he was whisking me out for a night at a beautiful restaurant nearby – what a catch! We had a lovely evening eating yummy food and drinking far too much wine before coming home and enjoying a well deserved lie-in on the Saturday!

Saturday afternoon I went up to mum’s to work some more on my dress and I got the most amazing present from Best of British Beer as a little congratulations for going full time – a wine box with 12 reasons why I deserve a treat and a mini bottle of vino behind each one. It was so cute and really made my day, thanks guys!

On Sunday Joe and I began holiday daydreaming (Greece next month seems so far away!) and looking at mini winter breaks and far away shores for early next year. I’ve really got the travel bug this year and I can’t wait to explore more of the world with Joe in tow. In the afternoon Emily from Recipes and Reviews came over for a – DIY Afternoon Tea which will be on the blog this Wednesday – and we nattered away over a plethora of cake, finger sandwiches and of course lots and lots of tea!

This week is set to be another exciting one with more frantic sewing (will we get it done on time?! *dun dun duuun*), mummy-daughter spa days and the fitting for my 6 Month Smiles Braces – eeeek!