My Big Dream Bucket List


Isn’t it fun to daydream?! I spend a lot of my time in a world of my own daydreaming about where I’d like to go or things I’d love to experience. I’ve done so much in my 28 years already but there are a few things that remain un-ticked on my life long bucket list – some more adventurous than others!


Fly First/Business Class on a Plane

This is something I’ve always wanted to do even though I’m pretty sure it would ruin flying for me forever as it’s not something I could afford to do everywhere! I would probably spend my entire journey snuggled up in my airplane bed watching movies and drinking the free champagne…and refusing to get off at the other end!


Drink a Cocktail from a Coconut on a Gorgeous Beach

Bit of a strange one, but I’ve always dreamed of drinking a cocktail or coconut milk straight from a coconut with a giant straw looking out over crystal clear waters and pure white sand! I’m hoping I might be able to combine this one with a destination further down in the list and follow it with a business class flight!


Walk a Red Carpet

I’ve always wanted to walk a red carpet in a pretty dress and see all the cameras flashing and celebrities strutting around. Whether it’s for a new theatre production or a blockbuster movie, one day! Even though it’s a given I would be the one to step on my own dress and go flying.


Become a Wife

This is a bit of a soppy one but something I’ve been dreaming about since I was a little girl. When I was young I used to think I’d be married by the time I was 21 because it seemed SO old but when I got there I realised (like many others I’m sure!) that 21 really isn’t old at all and I wasn’t anywhere near ready to tie the knot! Now I’m approaching the big 3-0 and feel like I have my shizz together a little bit more (as well as having one hell of a man on my arm) this one’s back on the bucket list. I love to organise too so I think I’d find organising a wedding quite fun…but probably still pretty stressful!


Raise a Family

Another BIG one here but something that has to go on the list. I’ve never been cooey over babies. In fact whenever there was a baby brought into the office I’d always pretend I was on the phone! They terrify me because they’re just so breakable and cry whenever they’re near me. But I’ve always wanted children and the older I get and the more my life rolls out the less scary this thought becomes.


Visit The Maldives

This is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit having seen my parents holiday snaps and dreamy photos online. Beautiful white sands, crystal clear waters and no distractions – just you, nature and the one you love. I’d be terrified to snorkel knowing what could be in the waters but I’d force myself to face my fears and I wouldn’t wear shoes for the entire time I was there!

Northern lights

See The Northern Lights

Now this has been on my list for so long and it’s something I fully plan on doing within the next couple of years. They’re meant to be incredibly beautiful and something I feel like I must see before I die. Ideally I’d love to see them surrounded by snow in a glass top igloo, too ambitious? Pray for no clouds!


Win a Blog Award

I’ve never been one to put myself out there by openly saying I’d love to win something for fear of rejection but as I creep ever closer to my 8th year in blogging, and my first year anniversary of doing this whole bizz full time I’d really love to be able to put the words ‘Award Winning Blogger’ on my CV! Here’s hoping ey, we’ll keep on working hard and maybe one day I’ll have something to hang on the wall or sit on my mantelpiece!


Go Husky Riding

Ah, now this is a recent addition to my list that snuck on back in January this year when I went skiing for the very first time in Tignes! We missed the opportunity to do this by just one day and ever since then it’s been RIGHT on my bucket list ready to go! I think it would be so fun and something I’d remember forever.

I could go on but these are some of my favourites – hey, a girl can dream right?!

What are your top bucket list items? Have you done anything from your list lately?