Weekend in Photos | Mummy Daughter Time and Moving In

This bank holiday weekend has certainly been an eventful one – I’ve been to the cinema, traveled to London, watched a musical, shopped AND moved house…it’s been quite incredible!

It all started on Friday when Joe and I went on a date night to see The Inbetweeners 2. We haven’t been to the cinema for ages and there’s quite a lot of good films on at the moment, but we chose the wonderfully awkward humour of the inbetweeners boys and we weren’t disappointed. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet, but the water park scene…wow!

On Saturday my lovely mum and i hopped on a train to London for some long overdue mummy daughter time! I wore my handmade dress for the very first time and it felt amazing to be walking around wearing something i’d made with my own two hands. We went into John Lewis on Oxford Street to pick out my next pattern – a high waisted pencil skirt – with this stunning fabric and i can’t wait to get started! We had tickets to see Wicked (my favourite musical) so before the show started i took mum to Selfridges for a glass of Moet as a little treat which we both very much enjoyed before hoping back on the tube to watch the show!

Wicked was just as good as i remembered it from the first time i saw it and it blew mum away too. If you have yet to see it then i would definitely recommend it – such a wonderful production from the storyline to the songs, the costumes to the staging, it’s quite simply epic! After the show we had a bit more time to shop and mum suggested we each buy one another a Pandora charm to remember our weekend by! Mum bought me a dress to symbolise her passing down her sewing skills, and i bought her some champagne flutes to symbolise me passing up my ‘life’s too short not to go on wonderful adventures and drink great champagne’ skills! It was such a heartwarming idea, every time i look at my bracelet now i can’t help but smile. Mum and I don’t get a lot of time to spend together but now she’s retired i hope this trip will be the first of many, i had a truly incredible day- here’s to loads more mummy daughter time.

On Sunday it was time for the big move! My parents helped pack and load my worldly possessions into our cars and at the end of the afternoon it was all unloaded into Joe’s(our) house and no-one could move an inch! I don’t think Joe quite realised just how many clothes and beauty products i have…oops! I waved goodbye to my parents standing on my new drive feeling a mixture of emotions before turning back to the epic job of unpacking and finding a place for all of my things! Today has been spent unpacking and sorting out the last few items and after a trip to IKEA for a new desk, pillows, extensions leads and mirrors i was finally settled into my new home.

At 9pm we sat down together, popped a bottle of Moet and toasted to our new adventure together – we’re both incredibly excited and i can’t wait to get buying more bits and bobs for my new home…especially as i’ve been given free reign of the spare room and our new kitchen!