Models Own Powder and Kabuki Makeup Brush Review

Good makeup brushes are expensive, so finding one that does a good job for a fraction of the price is quite exciting…and i’ve found two.

These two brightly coloured brushes were sent to me by Models Own last week to try out and i have to say, i’m really impressed. Both the Powder Brush* and the Kabuki Brush* are so soft, you can’t help but stroke your face with them every time you get them out….we all do it let’s be honest! I’ve been using the Powder Brush for my bronzer and the Kabuki brush for my mineralized skin finish and i find that both of them hold the powders well and distribute them evenly across the face. They’re also both a really good size too, perfect for a quick application! The only thing i can’t get used to is the colour – bright orange really isn’t my thing – but i’ll forgive the colour for the quality of these brushes, i think they’re brilliant for £10 a go.

You can buy these Models Own Brushes from Boots or from their website HERE!

Have you tried any Models Own Brushes before? How do you think they compare to a more expensive brush?

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