Feeling Frenchy with M.Chapoutier and Vente Privee

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Those who are regular readers or follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@xameliax) will know i’m partial to a nice glass of wine! So when i got a sneak peak of a sale featuring on Vente Privee today (17th April) i was very excited to get stuck in and start tasting – all in the name of science i’m sure you’ll understand.

I somehow managed to convince Joe to join in with me and we planned out a couple of meals over a few weeks to compliment the wines we were tasting and to make sure we spaced out our little experiment (drink responsibly kids!) and could enjoy each wine for it’s own flavours. Now i’m not going to go all wine expert on you with these because i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t do them justice but they were all stunning wines that i would quite happily buy again.

The White* – Condrieu: not my usual choice for white as it had a slightly sweet finish. I’m a New Zealand or Chilian Sauv Blanc kind of girl, something sharp, dry and fruity but this made for a wonderful change. Strong, fruity and elegant tasting this deep golden wine is incredibly easy to drink and great for those who perhaps look for a little sweetness without going down the rose route.

The Red* – Saint Joseph: for red i usually opt for a deep Rioja, something heavy but fruity and this bottle really did it for me. It had a fantastic intensity and was incredibly smooth whilst still giving me that deep red wine hit i crave. Loved this and i wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again.

The Chateaux* – Chateauneauf-du-pape: well, what can i say about this wine other than the fact that it’s my perfect red. I’m a huge CNDP fan and this was one of the best i’ve tried. Simply stunning and one i’d love to keep drinking and drinking. If you’re going to treat yourself to one of these wines, this should be the winner, hands down.

Sadly these don’t usually come within my ‘standard weekend drinky poos‘ price range retailing between £20-40 a bottle, but here’s the good bit. Vente Privee are having a M Chapoutier sale right now with a minimum discount of 30% off the brand – so if you want to try out some beautiful french wines without the risk, now’s your chance to do so!

You can sign up for a vente privee account on their website HERE and get access to hundreds of sales like this.

Are you a vente privee member? Would you give a different wine a go if it came within your price range?

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