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I like to think that on an everyday basis I don’t use that many makeup products on my face, however when you take the time to lay things out on the table you realise just how many different things you do use…and it’s slightly depressing! I review a lot of different makeup products on xameliax so I thought it might be nice to show you the select few that make it onto my face on a daily basis right now. Primer, Eye Pencil and Eye Shadow are only usually used if i haven’t pressed that last snooze button and i have an extra 5 minutes, otherwise they go straight out the window in favour of a stand alone winged eyeliner and the hope that my foundation makes it to the end of the day on it’s own!


Laura Mercier Foundation Primer 

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Extra Light Bisque

Number 17 Adapt-itude Foundation in Medium (I’m also loving Barry M’s Flawless Matte Finish Foundation right now)

Benefit Bo-ing Concealer in #02


L’Oreal Gel Intenza in Black

N07  Lash Adapt Mascara in Black

Bourjois Little Round Pot #54 

Bourjois 16h Kohl Eye Liner in Brown 

Benefit Browzings Kit in Light


Dallas Bronzer


Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Balm

As you can see most of the products I tend to use are for covering up imperfections primarily and then for enhancing my eyes. I spend a lot of time each morning concealing any blemishes and evening out my skin tone before moving on to my eyes with a winged liner, a layer of mascara and (if I have the extra minute) a spot of simple eyeshadow and a little smoke with a kohl pencil. I usually reach for my trusty Dallas bronzer for my cheeks as a staple as I love the natural colour it gives and of course I never leave the house without filling in my brows with the ever wonderful Benefit Browzings kit – 10 points to Gryffindor to whoever can spot it in this photo! I occasionally powder with my Bourjois Healthy Glow but at the moment my skin is slightly on the dry side and I don’t feel like I need it as much as I did.

Which products make it onto your face on a daily basis? 

If you want to see how i use these products you can watch my Everyday Makeup Tutorial on Youtube HERE!

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