Who Said Coral’s Not For The Cold | MAC Ravishing

Last lipstick for a while I promise! (…actually, I can’t promise this)

This is a lippy I actually bought in the summer but forgot to tell you all about – MAC Ravishing. It’s a stunning pale peachy coral from their cremesheen range and I loved wearing it with my tan throughout the sunny months but now it’s turned a little colder and my skin tone has done a 180 i’m still reaching for it to give my look a little lift.

It’s ever so moisturising and smells lovely just like all I’ve tried from MAC’s Cremesheen range and it has great pigmentation that doesn’t tend to sit in the wintery cracks on your lips. With just enough colour to withstand a paler makeup look I think it looks great paired with both a nude outfit and the darker autumn/winter colours. I usually wear it with brown eyes and a clay coloured bronzer and it gives a lovely natural look without being too bold. Such a refreshing change sometimes from the big bad bold lips of the season – why shouldn’t coral come out in the cold?!

You can find Ravishing on the MAC website HERE for £15!

What’s your favourite MAC shade? Would you rock a coral lip in winter?

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