My New MAC Beauties | Expensive Pink and Pro Longwear

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it or not, but last week I was on holiday! It was amazing to get away for a week and we had a lovely time (blog post coming your way soon) and I’ve even come back with a bit of colour in me rendering my usual vampish foundation utterly useless. A few months back I treated myself to these MAC beauties above but ashamedly I haven’t actually been wearing them because of my paleness! Sadly my MAC lady matched my foundation wrong and landed me with NC20 which was a bit too dark and my grand idea of a rose gold eye shadow left me looking more tired than terrific so I kept them, safe in their little black boxes for this very occasion…when I had a tan!

Let’s take a look at their Pro Longwear foundation first, a sheer to medium coverage matte formula that’s meant to stand up to the test of time, 15 hours in fact. I decided to dabble in the more lightweight foundation formulas after my skin started playing nice and I didn’t need as much coverage as usual and I’m really liking the look so far. Although it has a matte finish it doesn’t look cakey and I think it gives quite a lovely sheen to the skin without feeling or looking oily at all. Applied with a brush it sets quite quickly so you need to be fast but it really doesn’t budge all day long no matter how muggy it may be – a thumbs up from me and my oily patches! For my first foray into MAC foundations I’m pretty impressed and I love the range of shades they stock meaning that you should get a perfect match to your skin…just don’t have any reminisce of fake tan when you go to buy like muggins over here!

Onto the pigment and my first ever MAC eye shadow! I’d been wanting to try a rose gold coloured eye shadow for a while and not been able to find the perfect shade until I wandered into MAC and got lost in their displays. There it was, Expensive Pink the perfect rose gold shade and I just had to buy it! Excitedly I got it home and started buffing it onto my eyelid until I looked in the mirror with horror and realised that on my incredibly pale skin any kind of red-toned shadow was a huge no-no! Disheartened I left it in my makeup case never to see the light of day again until one day on holiday when it caught my eye. I gave it another go on my freshly sun-kissed skin and the colour just popped! The subtle gold shimmer brightened up my face and the pink undertones brought a whole new edge to my light brown smokey eyes – I love it! It also applies like a dream too blending beautifully with a pigment that seriously packs a punch. I’m pleased to report my £11 didn’t go right down the drain and I’ve been rocking this shade on a daily since re-discovering it’s rose gold wonders. The only problem is that now I have an overwhelming urge to start up a MAC palette which my purse isn’t looking forward to in the slightest!

Although I’m still very much a MAC newbie I’m building my collection slowly but surely and I’ve loved everything I’ve tried so far. I can see these two items playing a big part of my daily face throughout the summer months!

You can find both MAC’s Pro Longwear Foundation and Expensive Pink Single Eye Shadow on their website HERE starting at £11.

Do you own any MAC shadows? What’s your go-to shade for summer? Is your foundation high street or high end? Have you tried MAC’s Pro Longwear?

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