MAC Fix + Review

During the summer the air conditioners in my office were constantly on and were beginning to really dry out my skin, so I wandered down to my nearest MAC store (which isn’t near enough for my liking) and brought a bottle of MAC Fix+ to try out. In the summer it did my skin good and now I’ve started using it again to help combat the drying winter air and I quite like it.

MAC Fix+ is defined as a makeup setting spray with added vitamins and minerals for your skin. You use it as a facial mist and spray it over your makeup to refresh and moisturise through your foundation. I find that it does work well to refresh my face and revive my makeup halfway through the day, but whether it does actually moisturise your skin underneath your makeup I’m unsure! I kind of feel that this is a bit of a nonsense product that isn’t really doing a great deal but for £13 i like having it in my desk drawer as a bit of a refresher when my skin’s feeling a bit dull! I’d probably re-buy it but i can’t help feeling that sticking a bit of purified water in a spray bottle would do more or less the same!

You can grab a bottle of Fix+ from MAC’s website HERE – you can get a 30ml bottle for £7.50 and the 100ml for £13.50!

Have you tried Mac Fix +? Nonsense product or makeup bag essential?

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