.LUSH Tea Tree Water | Review.

I’ve really stripped back my skincare regime recently and it seems to be working really well (touch wood). I still absolutely swear by my LUSH Ultrabland Cleanser for calming my breakouts and evening everything out, and i’ve also been loving this little LUSH gem – their Tea Tree Toning Water.

There isn’t a great deal to say about this beautifully simple and effective product but i think it deserves a mention for everyone else out there who suffers with an oily or acne-prone skin type. In essence it’s just a big bottle filled with Tea Tree water, but LUSH have also added Grapefruit and Juniperberries to help refresh and tone the skin. I use this morning and night after my cleanser just to help remove any final traces of makeup and to freshen up in the morning. It has a lovely fresh scent and feels great squirted onto a giant face pad and swept all over – it’s a real joy to use. The pump bottle is brilliant too, nice and sturdy with even distribution, it also feels like it’s going to last a while too which is a big bonus for staple products like this.

I’m so pleased with my new LUSH skincare products and am even a little gutted i didn’t discover them before as they’ve really helped improve my skin. Highly recommended for those with acne-prone skin and definitely worth a go!

You can pick up a big 250g bottle for just £7.25 on the LUSH website HERE or in store!

Have you tried any LUSH toning waters before? Has it helped your skin?

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