LOOKBOOK: My Spring Style

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Transitional periods are tricky when it comes to clothes. We have to try and piece together items from different seasons to match the ever-changing weather outside, and it can be quite difficult at times!

I try to avoid buying too many new clothes in the seasonal limbo, and instead style up what I’ve already got in my wardrobe.

Here are a few of my favourite looks I’ve been wearing as Spring draws in…

I’m obsessed with leopard print and wrap dresses, so this spotty number was practically made for me! A wrap dress is great for transitioning between seasons as it goes just as well with a pair of tights and boots as it does with bare legs and sandals!

Fashion moves so fast I can barely keep up, and this wrap dress from Joanie Clothing is already sold out! But I’ve found some gorgeous alternatives for you to shop below!


Wide leg trousers are MY JAM!

I found this cord pair in the sale at Primark so they’re more suited to the colder days. But I’ve found some gorgeous alternatives out there right now – both floor length and cropped!

I just adore a pair of wide legged trousers teamed up with white trainers and a cosy jumper tucked in. When it gets warmer, swap for a cami top or a blouse!


Does anyone else feel extra cool in a hat?! I think they’re a massively underrated accessory…and they help hide a bad hair day too!

Don’t be afraid to layer up your outfits to take them from winter to spring. This gorgeous dress (see lower down for the full reveal!) looks just as lovely worn underneath a simple black jumper with the belt on top.

Easy layering, a snuggly warm Amelia and two completely different looks from the same dress!


Mom Jeans – The style that divides the nation!
Love them or hate them there’s no denying this baby pink colour has Spring written all over it!

I’ve teamed mine with a polka dot blouse and some simple white sneaks for a dressed down but super pretty look!

If it’s chilly, swap your blouse for a baggy jumper, and when it gets warm change it up with a pair of Birkenstocks and a flowy bardot top.


Powder blue is another of my spring colour faves and you just can’t beat a cute pleated skirt when the weather gets warmer!

Amazingly, this whole look is from Primark, but powder blue is the in shade right now, so I’ve managed to find some beautiful shoppable alternatives below!


Recognise this print? It’s our orange zebra dress that was underneath that black jumper at the top!

On warmer days, whip off the layers, re-position your belt, loose the tights and you’re ready to go – two outfits in one and they look so different too!


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