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Benefit License to blot review, products to stop shine

Benefit License to blot review, products to stop shine

Let’s talk skin. Long readers of xameliax and watchers of my weekly vlogs will know that I struggle with minebreakouts, fine lines, redness, deep pores – you name it, I’ve got it. And because of my acne prone skin I get pretty shiny as the day goes on. Couple that with busy days out and about or sitting under artificial light in the office and you’ve got one oily looking face at the end of it.

But fear not fellow shiny sisters because I’m about to bring you two beauty products that will change your make up bag forever. I’ve been using Benefit’s Agent Zero Shine for a while now and I always have one in my handbag for on the go touch-ups, however I hadn’t started using their License to Blot Oil Blotting Stick until recently, and it’s completely bowled me over.

Behold my shine fighting beauty duo that every girl needs in her handbag…

Benefit License to blot review, products to stop shine

License to Blot is a clever little balm that you can slip in your handbag for beating the shine as the day goes on – it’s amazing. One of those products you use and instantly fall in love with because you can see a difference straight away. I was on a shoot with Costa Coffee the other week and we were coming to the end of the day. The lights were shining in my face and I was starting to get really shiny. The director asked if we could get some powder for a touch up and while the crew were trying to find some I whipped out my License to Blot and blew everyone away with the difference this little stick can make!

Simply twist up and rub the balm over any shiny patches, use your finger to blend in and voila – shine be gone! It moves your foundation around with it and blends everything together which works wonders for me as when I get shiny my foundation starts to clump – License to Blot helps to smooth everything back down. I’m only annoyed I didn’t start using this bad boy earlier – this is a MUST HAVE for oily girls everywhere. 

Benefit License to blot review, products to stop shine

I used to use Agent Zero Shine on it’s own to fight shine for quite a while because it totally rocks! All in one handy little tube you’ve got your powder, a lid to tap it into and a brush that un-clips from the bottom – no more easily-crackable powder pans and dirty brushes rolling around in the bottom of your bag, this clever bit of kit does it all for you. I find it gives a bit of coverage as well as beating shine which I like and alone it’s fabulous for touch-ups throughout the day. But paired with License to Blot (LTB first followed by AZS) it’s a dream combo that oil just doesn’t stand a chance against.

I can’t recommend these two beauty heroes enough so be sure to check them out the next time you’re at a Benefit counter. 

I’m also testing out their new Matte Rescue Gel* for pre-foundation oil combat but I’ll be back to you on that once I’ve properly given it a whirl!

What are your favourite products for beating shine?