.Ladies Day Style Awards 2013 with Matalan | Aintree Racecourse.

This Friday i was invited to Aintree to judge Matalan’s 2013 Style Awards Contest at the Grand National! It was a huge honour to be chosen and such an adventure right form the beginning to the end, and even though it was bitterly cold i had a truly wonderful time!

.The Journey.

I traveled up to Liverpool on the Thursday night and checked into the hotel Matalan had arranged for me. I felt like a real celebrity when opening to door to my suite and seeing sofas, flat screen tvs, giant bubble baths and even a hallway – it was huge! I unpacked my things, hung up my dress and wandered down to the restaurant for far too much food and a large glass of wine before relaxing in the bath and beginning my pre-races pamper routine.

.Ladies Day.

In the morning i was picked up in a super flash Bentley by Kylie Minogue’s driver (as you do) and taken up to the VIP entrance of the racecourse. Matalan really went out of their way to make every part of my day extra special – something i really appreciated and was extremely impressed with. There was just enough time for a cup of tea before meeting the other judges for our itinerary briefing. At 11am the first Matalan Fashion Show started showcasing their wonderful Spring Summer 2013 collections draped over a plethora of beautiful and extremely handsome dancers (including BB from Dirty Pretty Things). I was joined on the judges sofa by:

Liz Wilson – Head of Design at Matalan

Kat Byrne – Style Editor at Closer Magazine

Carly Hughes – Brand Controller at Matalan

…and of course our cheeky host for the day Jeff Brazier. Huddled under our furry blankets with a couple of bottles of champagne we began watching all the contestants strut their stuff down the runway giving out Hot Favourite tickets to anyone who particularly impressed us. There were so many beautiful ladies and dapper gentlemen to choose from i found it very difficult to choose – a huge well done to everyone who entered, i wish there could have been more winners on the day.

At 2pm the contest closed and we had a break to visit the hair and beauty SOS tent for a little spruce up. I had my hair saved by Electric Hair London and met up with some of the other lovely fashion bloggers that had attended the day – Danielle, Jess, Becca and Steph *big waves* but before i could say ‘giddy up GG’s’ it was time to make my way back to the judging tent to narrow down our hot favourites to a final five!

.The Winner.

I think all the judges had a secret favourite, someone that stood out to us for different reasons – personally i loved the little lady in the pastel pleats and to die for fringe (side note: i’m really thinking of getting my fringe cut back in, answers on a postcard please) but in the end we decided on the aptly named Andy Champ to be our winner in his velvet suit jacket and cheeky demeanor. I did eventually manage to put a bet on too which sadly didn’t win me my millions. I’m quite useless at the races and end up putting my money on an outsider i feel sorry for that takes a gently stroll around the course instead of actually trying to win! 

I couldn’t believe how quickly the day went and how much fun i ended up having. Although i was quite nervous at first everyone made me feel completely at ease and i didn’t want my day to end. A huge thank you once again to everyone at Matalan and the girls from Closer Magazine who made my day super special and organised my whole trip up to Liverpool too <3

I managed to film a few bits and bobs behind the scenes on the day and piece them together into a mini vlog which you can watch on my Youtube Channel HEREIt’s a bit short because i was busy doing judgey bits and bobs all day but you get a bit of an insight as to what my day was like!

Don’t forget, if you were at Ladies Day this year you can upload a picture of your outfit to the Matalan Facebook page HERE and win yourself £250 if your outfit is picked!

Did you go to Ladies Day this year? Who would you have picked to win?

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(Some photos c/o Matalan)