.Lace Nail Foils by Rio | Review.

This week i received a package i was quite excited about from Rio Beauty – Lace Nail Foils*. I’ve never tried nail foils before but have always wanted to give them a go to see just how they fair against stamping. Although the packaging photo looks a little outdated, you can use these foils to create some intricate and amazing designs.

Inside this kit you get everything you need to create your own lace covered nails: a 2 in 1 base/top coat, a bottle of nail polish, adhesive glue, 6 roles of coloured foils and an application stick. The one thing you don’t get inside which i think is a little strange is a detailed set of instructions for how to use your new foils. I shows you four simple steps but fails to point out (what tripped me up the first time i tried) that you need to leave the adhesive to dry for 8-10minutes before you put on the foils. You can find the full instructions on Rio’s website HERE but i still think a little instruction booklet wouldn’t go a miss.

Each colour of lace comes with a transparent background so you can put them over any colour polish you like! I used the black lace over a gold/bronze gradient for my first go and i think they look great! Personally i don’t think i will be using the red polish with any of the lace foils here, it’s not really to my taste. I think a black polish would have been better suited to the lace colours in the box, but as you can use any polish underneath the foils it doesn’t matter too much.

Foils v.s. Stamping

At first i thought the foils were a little fiddly in comparison to stamping but then i realised a few more advantages. For example, you can use these foils on your toes whereas stamping designs often aren’t large enough. Also, the foils leave a different design on each nail instead of a repeated pattern and it’s much easier to get them straight! The applicator makes it easy to press the design right to the edges of your nails or concentrate it just on certain areas for a funky design.

I’m really keen to try out some of the other colours and see what i can do with them and all in all i think this is a good starter kit for anyone looking to try nail foils. The kit costs £29.99 from Rio’s website HERE which although seems a bit pricey, it does set you up nicely with  some great lace colours, adhesive, applicator stick and a box to keep them in.

Have you tried nail foils before – what do you think? How do you think they fair against stamping?

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