Can Technology Ever Replace a Good Old Fashioned Book | The Kindle Paperwhite

I love my Kindle and I love to read. It’s taken me a while to come round to the concept of ditching a good old fashioned ‘proper’ book for an electronic one but since I have I honestly have not looked back. My Kindle goes everywhere with me and it’s a permanent edition to my handbag, and because it’s so easy to use and download new titles I really do think it’s encouraged me to read even more than I was before. I’ve become a total electronic reading convert with this for books and my Ipad Mini for Magazines!

In an age of multi-tasking the Kindle is great for using with one hand while doing something else with the other, or even sitting on your lap while you read and knit at the same time (too cool). Those plastic book stands with the little arms to keep the pages open are no more (10 points to Gryffindor if you remember those) with the Kindle Paperwhite’s one touch page turning and neat little casing!I was a little unsure whether to go for the paperwhite or the original when I got my kindle but I’m so glad I forked out the extra £20 or so for the backlight because it makes reading in low light so much easier. The screen isn’t like you’d expect either and unless you’ve seen one in real life it’s difficult to explain just how amazing it really is. It has almost a matte effect rather than your usual computer screen so it looks just like paper and doesn’t strain your eyes. Even with the backlight it’s incredibly comfortable to read and it makes getting lost in your book before bed even easier…not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing!

It holds thousands of books and the charge lasts for over a month with it sat ready to go at just the push of a button. It’s perfect for trips or holidays as it’s so small (no more trying to wedge three different and hefty books in your hand luggage or suitcase) and it hardly weighs anything. Although you can’t beat the smell of a new book or the crack of the spine when you first open one up, the Kindle Paperwhite truly is an enabler for the world of reading and I couldn’t live without mine. I’m currently reading the second installment of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series and it’s absolutely gripping! So if you’ve been dabbling with the idea of going digital I’d wholeheartedly say do it, you won’t look back!

I got my Kindle Paperwhite from John Lewis for just £110.

Do you have a kindle? Would you consider swapping your books for an electronic reader?

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