A New Member in My Kiehl’s Family | Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye

kiehls midnight recovery eye

I’ve raved and raved about Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate* before on my blog in many a youtube video and do you know why? Because it’s a bloody good product. It’s one of those products that you know is going to be with you, on your face until the world ends or they stop making it because my skin loves it and i love it – if you have yet to try it then do so, it’s a miracle worker. But today we’re here to talk about the Midnight Recovery Concentrate’s little sister Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream* and it certainly lives up to expectations.

I thought when i first squeezed this little tube that i was going to get a clear balm/gel-like product that would apply very thickly around the eyes and heavily moisturise/leave my eye area a little greasy as i counted my sheep. However i was pleasantly surprised to find that it was in fact a soft, fast absorbing cream that sunk into my skin and made my eye area feel instantly hydrated. I didn’t notice any immediate effect but in the morning my eyes were less puffy than usual and felt very fresh. Sometimes i wake up and they feel a little sore, but this bad boy works it’s magic overnight keeping my sensitive eye area feeling great.

While i can’t tell you about the anti-ageing properties about this cream after just four weeks use, i do feel as if my eyes look a little softer in the wrinkle department, but i guess for that one only time will tell. At £24.50 a tube i’d say it’s towards the lower pricing end of some of the premium anti-aging eye creams i’ve tried yet it delivers fantastic results. Would i buy it again? Definitely – i love the way it feels on my skin and if it works as well as the concentrate in the long run then sign me up for a lifetime’s supply.

You can find both Midnight Recovery Products on the Kiehl’s website here.

Have you tried either of these miracle skincare products? Would you give Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye a go when yours next runs out?

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