Kayla Itsines | Week 6 Progress Pictures – Round 2


Week 6 is here and for some reason this seems like a milestone to me in the Kayla Itsines programme. I’m heading to Mexico in just under a week and I’m really proud to say that i will be wearing that bikini with pride as I think my progress has really come on! For some reason my bust has ballooned again over the past two weeks but as I haven’t had a boob job that I’m aware of I’m putting that one down to hormones or a dodgy measurement at week 4! As for the rest though I’ve lost inches everywhere apart from my arms, although I do see more definition there and I feel a lot stronger on my push-ups etc. Round 2 - Week 6 progressMeasurements

Weight: 9 stone 13 (137lbs | -3lbs)

Bust – 36 (+5.5″)

Waist – 29 (-1″)

Hips – 35 (-1.5″)

Bum – 39.5 (-0.5″)

Arms – 11

Thighs – 22 (-0.75″)

= -3.75 inches and -3lbs! 

I’m so happy with my results and I feel so good for doing the programme again! I can see some definition in my tummy area now as well as my legs slimming down slightly not to mention a little weight loss although that’s not what we focus on really with the Kayla Itsines Guide. There’s still some work to go on my back and flabby bottom but we’ll get there – there’s still 6 whole weeks to go! I’ve been eating quite healthy but I have had a few treat meals in the past two weeks – being a food blogger makes things hard, I can’t turn down free food and drink now can I?!

As I’m off on an all-inclusive holiday to Mexico for 11 nights it’s inevitable I’ll be putting on a few lbs because sorry Kayla but I won’t be doing burpees on the side of the pool! I will take my gym gear with me in case we get a grey day but I fully intend to kick back and just enjoy myself while I’m away so when i come back I will be starting the Kayla Bikini Body Guide from week 6 again in order not to skew my results. Hopefully we won’t undo too much of my good work but knowing that I can get results like this in just 6 weeks is a real motivator for me anyway.

I hope you’re as proud of your week 6 results as I am, we’re certainly getting there girlies!

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