Kayla Itsines | Week 2 Progress Pictures – Round 2

Kayla Itsines Blog Review Week 2

I'm pretty much doing my workouts backwards like a rebel! Finding them twice as hard this time round, phew!So here we are, week two of my Kayla Itsines review and my first set of progress pictures! As always weight loss and toning doesn’t happen overnight so when I took my photos this time round I wasn’t expecting to see a huge difference but i am pleasantly surprised at how much better I feel so far.

kayla itsines week 2 progress, kayla itsines before and after, kayla itsins progress photosThe biggest difference in my photos this time is my tummy but those who read my blog from yesterday will know that I’ve actually had a nasty tummy bug this week so I didn’t end up eating for 24 hours and only a little bit of toast and crackers the day after resulting in quite a drastic difference in that area – NOT recommended or worth it, bleurgh. That aside I can see a slight difference in my waist and thighs but nothing to write home about, I’m not holding my breath (or giving up) until we’re a bit further along into the programme. My week 4 progress pictures from the first time were amazing so I do hope I’ll be seeing results more like that in my next update!

Week 2 Measurements

 9 Stone 12 lbs | 138 lbs (-7 lbs…that’s half a stone!)

Bust – 36″(-2″)

Waist – 30″ (- 1/4″)

Hips – 36″ (- 1 & 1/2″)

Bum – 39 1/4″ (- 1/4″)

Arms – 11″ (- 1″)

Thighs – 23″ (- 1/2″)

= 5 1/2 inches lost and 7lbs!

As for my measurements, well they show quite a difference indeed and I’m really pleased! I’m putting some of those lost lbs down the that tummy bug, but half a stone is a big chunk of weight so i think it’s a big achievement. Certainly feeling pumped and ready to shed some more off those hips!

I get a lot of questions asking what I eat when I’m on the programme as i have Kayla’s Nutritional guide as well so I thought I’d pop a few bits up here to show you what my diet has looked like over the first two weeks. I’ve had two birthday meals and a restaurant review in the first week of January so I’m afraid they were three occasions my clean eating went out the window but sorry Kayla, there’s no way I was going to sit at my dad’s 60th birthday picking at a salad…the wine and curry did flow! But apart from that I’ve completely overhauled my eating taking inspiration from Kayla’s guide. Breakfasts usually consist of two slices of wholemeal toast and avocado or a hard boiled egg followed by some fruit around 11am. For lunch I’ve been tucking into homemade tuna or chicken salad with vinaigrette dressing and in the evening there’s been fresh fish or chicken on the table with brown rice and greens. Alcohol has been banished to just one night a week – usually if i have an event – and the chocolate has been firmly shut away in the cupboard…apart form one night when I caved and enjoyed three squares of my favourite Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut, sue me!

I also get asked what exercise I do for LISS and if there’s anything else i take part in whilst doing the guide. The answer this time round is kickboxing and walking the dog along with using my Slendertone Ab Belt (see my review with before and after pictures here) a few times a week. My schedule for the first two weeks has been something like this – a little different to what I’d originally planned but that’s the beauty of Kayla’s programme, it fits in around your schedule:

Monday: 1 hour kickboxing lesson

Tuesday: 40 minutes walking the dog

Wednesday: Kayla Legs/Arms (depending on what hurts less after kickboxing!)

Thursday: 1 hour kickboxing lesson

Friday: Kayla Legs/Arms (whichever I didn’t do Wednesday)

Saturday: 40 minutes walking the dog

Sunday: Rest Day (although we have been taking Wilson out for a casual Sunday stroll)

This week I’m going to be filming an FAQ video about the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide as i get a lot of messages with the same questions from so many people. Feel free to tweet me @xameliax with any questions you have about the guide and i’ll try to include as many as possible. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel to stay updated with all my video Kayla updates too!

I hope you’re all enjoying the guide as much as i am and are feeling ready to take on weeks 3-4! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram @xameliax for daily updates and tweet me your week two progress pictures @xameliax!

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