Kayla Itsines Progress Pictures | How I Feel Halfway Through The Bikini Body Guide

kayla itsines bbg, kayla itsines before and after

kayla itsines bbg, kayla itsines before and after

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So here we are girls, halfway through the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and I’ve been given the ULTIMATE test…to get in my bikini 6 weeks early! *eeeek* I have to admit that I was nervous packing my swimsuits this time round because i’m certainly not as slim as I was the last time we went on holiday in September, but being 6 weeks into the Kayla Guide again has still given me a massive confidence boost as I could see the difference in my shape as soon as I stood in front of that mirror ready to hit the pool!

We had a wonderful time in Mexico and i have to say that I felt amazing in my bikini which really is the whole point of Kayla’s Guide! Do i look like Kayla with rippling abs or a super strong frame? Well no, but i do feel fantastic seeing the changes I’ve already made and by feeling so much stronger. Ok, ok, so I wasn’t doing pushups by the pool and I didn’t even attempt one burpee on the beach, the only exercise I took part in for the whole two weeks away was lifting a margarita to my lips and the occasional lap of our infinity pool…while waiting for my next drink to arrive! I ate a lot of fresh fruit and fish but I didn’t deny myself the odd ice cream or stack of pancakes at breakfast when I fancied them and of course there were quite a few beers being drunk too!

I took an array of bikinis with me, including this amazing two piece from New Look and i felt awesome in ever single one – now that’s a success and something to be darn proud of if ever I heard one. Before i started Kayla’s guide I know I would have been feeling incredibly insecure and hiding under a sundress throughout my holiday instead of feeling comfortable and confident and rocking my swimwear like a boss!

So what now?

Well I’m going to be taking some time out from the Kayla Guide as I train for my next kickboxing belt (exciting stuff!) and get my fitness levels back up to scratch so I can complete the last 6 weeks of the guide. I’ll still be filming youtube videos and posting instagram piccies of my diet and progress so make sure you’re subscribed and following and I’ll see you in a few weeks time!

Keep going girlies – I hope you’re feeling as confident in your bikini as I am already!

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