Jurlique Purely Bright Eye Correcting Cream

Dark circles are forever a bane of my beauty life and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. But I also have problems with redness and discolouration around my eyes too which is part hereditary, part makeup related with the skin being super delicate. So when Jurlique’s Purely Bright Eye Correcting Cream* dropped through my door claiming to erase all of the above I started slapping it on like there was no tomorrow.

My eyes are really sensitive so I do have to be careful what I’m putting on but this beautifully smooth and quite thick feeling cream didn’t irritate them at all. I saw instant effects lightening up the skin around my eyes and helping to hide the dark circles, it was pretty amazing. I did wonder if these effects would ware off but they’ve only seemed to improve with use really helping with the dark patches at the corners of my eyes and any redness from makeup removal. I’ve been using it both morning and night and now if I do go makeup free at the weekends my eyes look a lot more awake without having to result to slipping on a secret layer of concealer!

Sadly with my expressive face I do need to start thinking about eye products that help reduce the wrinkles that are already popping up so I wish this cream could do that for me as well as reducing my dark circles! It’s also a pretty pricey product coming in at just over £30 but it’s doing exactly what I need it to right now with my erratic sleeping pattern and is really helping to reduce my dark circles and make me look that little a bit more human. Highly recommended, well done Jurlique!

You can find this wonderful Brightening Eye Cream on the Jurlique website HERE for £31.99.

Do you use eye creams? What do you look for?

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