.Oil Up That Oily Skin | 100% Natural Jojoba Oil. 

This title may sound like the world’s biggest contradiction but it’s probably closer to the world biggest myth about moisture and oily skin. Having acne prone, blemish prone, everything prone problem skin I’ve tried a lot of skincare products in my time and it was a long while before I realised the moisturising properly and using the right oils could actually help regulate my skin rather than breaking it out. Quick science lesson, when your skin is dry it produces oil to compensate so if you dry out oily skin it produces even more – not good! 

My LUSH Ultrabland Balm is still a lifesaver when my skin is feeling a little on the dry side and I want to strip things back but recently I’ve been trying out a pure oil from The Jojoba Company* and loving it. The reason why Jojoba Oil is so good for those of us with acne is because it mimics the properties of sebum (the nasty stuff that causes our blemishes) and so similar to the oil principal it stops our skin producing more sebum to compensate. Personally I don’t like the smell, and that’s the only thing that puts me off, although doesn’t stop me from using it. It’s got a strange almost buttery herby smell but luckily it doesn’t linger too long and I pop it on before bed so I’m usually asleep before I get a chance to properly notice it! I put this on underneath my wrinkle cream (because i’m getting old, see review of that HERE) at night and it really helps give my skin a moisture boost. 

I’ve also noticed a big improvement in my skin since I started using this oil so it’s a real winner for me. I’d love for it to have more of an aromatherapy smell but as it’s a pure and natural oil we can’t really complain, especially when it works so well – two thumbs up for sure! 

You can find the Jojoba Company HERE or try out a bottle of their 100% pure Jojoba oil from Holland & Barratt HERE for just £ 12.99

Do you suffer from dry or acne prone skin? Do you use any face oils as treatment? Would you give Jojoba a go? 

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