It’s Time To Tan | Dr Ceuticals and Xen-Tan Review

I have a complexion that could rival the Cullens and while most of the time i like my English Rose look, sometimes i just need a bit of a colour boost and i find myself reaching for the fake tan. But being this pale leaves me feeling a little scared of the full strength stuff so a layer of gradual tanner tends works a treat, which is why these two products were absolutely perfect for me.

Dr Ceuticals Boday Tone & Tan*

When i read the back of this bottle i thought that’s it, i’ll apply this before i go to bed and in the morning i’ll wake up looking like Victoria Beckham. Sadly this didn’t happen and apparently you have to use it in conjunction with exercise to feel the full benefits of a tighter and firmer bod – how disappointing! I did however wake up with a lovely subtle glow that didn’t even look like fake tan, excellent! It applies as a clear gel and absorbs really quickly which is a bonus for me, the only thing i wasn’t keen on was the smell. I know we all complain about the usual smell of fake tan but this actually smelt like men’s aftershave which i’ll be honest put me off a bit! Now i’m not sure if this is the super secret slimming ingredients giving off a strange scent but it’s quite strange, however the next morning it simply smelt like normal fake tan (although not as strong) and all was right with the world. I found with my very pale skin tone if i use this every other day it keeps me topped up nicely without going orange or streaky but sadly even with regular use it hasn’t fixed my wobbly bottom or taken any inches off my thunder thighs…gutted! For £19.99 it’s not the cheapest gradual tanner on the market and without seeing the benefits of the toning part i’m not sure i would buy another bottle right now – maybe ask me again in bikini season!

Xen-Tan Facial Tanner*

After my lovely body glow i was in need of a bit of colour in my cheeks to match so i went on a hunt for a facial tanner as well. It was the antioxidant properties that drew me to the Xen-Tan bottle as i was worried anything else would irritate my acne prone skin and break me out, plus this range comes in different strengths so i felt a lot safer using a bottle with LIGHT stamped on the front than slathering on a mystery colour! I’m really impressed with this tanner, it smells lovely – like lemons – and is quite hydrating without feeling greasy. It gave me a lovely subtle glow and best of all it didn’t upset my skin – hoorah! Same as with Dr C i use this every other day to top up my tan and keep my face matching my body. I think price wise it’s quite reasonable at £15 considering all the goodness that squeezed inside that bottle and as you really don’t need a lot it’s going to last a while even with regular use.

You can find Dr Ceuticals Body Tone & Tan for £19.99 a bottle on their website HERE and Xen-Tan’s Facial tanner for just £15.30 on the John & Ginger website HERE!

Have you use Dr Ceuticals Tone & Tan before? Did it turn you into a skinny mini? How about Xen-Tan? Are you a Xen-Tan fan?

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