.Innisfree Peel Off Base Coat | Review.

Ladies, if you love glitter nail polish then you’re going to need to sit down right now because i’m about to show you the answer to all of your glitter removal woes in one bottle – Innisfree Peel Off Base Coat.

This lifesaving invention (yes, we’re going that far) was first shown to me by the other Amelia who writes for She Said Beauty Magazine and author of Ducking to Swan. Ever since it was delivered i haven’t looked back. It does exactly what it says on the tin – just paint a layer as a base coat and let it completely dry before painting on your glitter. Then, when it comes to taking off your polish you can simply peel it away! No more drenching your hands with nail polish remover or scrubbing through a million cotton wool pads just to remove one finger – this is such a time saver you wouldn’t believe. As i’ve been posting a lot of glitter polish swatches recently (and there’s more to come) i knew i just had to share this miracle product with you….you can thank me and the other Amelia later!

Now i know what you’re going to ask – ‘Doesn’t it just peel off willy nilly?’ And the answer is no, not as long as you ‘cap’ your edges with top coat to seal it in. I’m not going to lie, i’m a bit of a picker when it comes to polish and a few days after using this if it starts to lift at the edges i cave and pull it all off. But by keeping a mini clear polish in your bag you can re-cap the edge that’s lifting and keep your manicure for a few more days – super!

I can’t tell you how much time and effort this polish has saved me – if you love your glitter this is an absolute essential! Amelia sells it on her blog shop HERE for just $6 so if you want to get your glittery hands on some then now’s the time to do it!

What do you think of this amazing invention – have you tried it before? Will you be cyber stampeding over to Amelia’s shop to buy some?

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