.I’m Officially a Dryathlete.


Have you met Beth?

Last year Beth’s mum was diagnosed with cancer and ever since hearing the news Beth has put her life on hold and come home to care for her family. At any age, but especially at 22 I think this is an unbelievable thing to do and it’s something that reaffirms to me just how much of an honour it is to know someone as strong and as selfless as Beth. We wanted to get involved and raise some money for charity so we signed ourselves up for Cancer Research’s Dryathlon and got ready to make a difference. Sadly, just three days into our fundraising efforts Beth’s mum passed away a lot sooner than expected – you can read Beth’s words here. Although a very difficult time I think it’s even more important now than ever to carry on and do our bit to raise awareness and some money for a charity that’s so close to home and effects far too many people in this world.

So what exactly is a Dryathlon?

Well, we won’t be running miles or sitting in a bath full of beans, instead throughout the whole of January we will be abstaining from alcohol…completely! Not a single drop of booze shall be drunk for an entire painstaking month, and considering how much we both love a good glass of vino this is gong to be a real challenge. If we go out and someone offers to buy us a drink we’ll get them to donate that cash to cancer instead and grab ourselves a diet coke and we’ll also be playing designated driver with all taxi fares being donated to the cause. Anyone wanting to get involved can buy us ‘virtual drinks’ by donating an amount of money on our Just Giving Pages – anything from a shot of vodka to a bottle of verve….chin chin! I have a feeling it’s going to be a loooong month, but we have an ambitious target to hit so someone best put the kettle on and hide the key to the drinks cabinet, stat!

Want to show your support? You can buy me a virtual drink by donating some money on my Just Giving page HERE – every penny will go towards beating cancer once and for all. If you’re in the UK you can also text 70070 with the message ‘XAGX88 £2‘ to donate two pounds.


Beth has made these lovely ‘Team Reid’ bracelets (the plaited pink, purple and grey) and will give one away to everyone who donates some money to our Dryathlon team as a thank you for your support. Drop me an email if you donate to either of us with your address and we’ll have one posted out – xameliaxblogs@gmail.com.

Do something wonderful today.

Are you taking part in this year’s Dryathlon? Do you think we’ll all make it without falling off the wagon?!

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