How To Moisturise A Dry Face With One Purse Friendly Product | LUSH Skin Drink

It’s that time of year again when our skin starts to dry up from the change in season and needs a bit more care and attention than our summer faces. Mine really didn’t like the change in temperature one bit (probably not helped by my office blasting out the heating from it’s pre-historic units either) and began to break out, so I’ve completely stripped back my skincare to just two LUSH products and I’m well away!

I’m still using my old favourite Ultrabland for cleansing, even more so now it’s turning chilly as it’s super moisturising and doesn’t feel like it’s stripping your face at all. Followed by this little beauty – LUSH’s Skin Drink Moisturiser – my skin doesn’t know what to do with itself and all the plumpness. It doesn’t smell amazing I have to say (neither does Ultrabland) but it’s not offensive – almost like olive oil but the scent disappears as soon as it’s rubbed in so I don’t tend to mind. Applied at night it sticks to your skin and nourishes as you sleep and I wake up every single day with plump, soft skin that looks so much better than with any moisturisers I’ve tried before, and applied in the morning it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day without looking oily or causing my makeup to slip. 

It really is a lifesaver product and I hope it continues to improve my skin as I work my way down the pot. I’ve only been using it for two weeks and so far I’ve already seen a huge difference so I expect it will be featured in quite a few of my monthly favourites from now on! Another LUSH skincare win for me, I’m a total convert!

You can find Skin Drink on the LUSH website for just £11.95 HERE!

Have you tried Skin Drink before? Do you change your skincare regime for winter?

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