How To Make The Most Of Your Blowdry

How to make the most of your blowdry

When you have a lot of hair like me you end up sat in front of the mirror for hours trying to tame it into submission and there’s nothing more disheartening that waking up the next day to flat, lifeless hair that looks as though you haven’t touched it in weeks! It’s not good for your hair to wash it every day and let’s be honest – ain’t nobody got time for that, so i’ve discovered a few handy products that help make my styling efforts more manageable and keep my hair looking fab for days after, not just the morning after!

You know that fabulous primer you use under your foundation every morning to keep it looking flawless all day long? Well did you know you could buy a primer for your hair too?! Introducing the Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Extender* (£12.70), a spray on primer that absorbs excess oil before you style to keep that fringe looking perfect for up to two days after washing! Simply spray it onto the roots of your hair before blow drying and style as usual to avoid the grease that sneaks in overnight and the days after washing. It’s great and I also find this helps to dry my hair a lot quicker too, can’t get enough of this stuff!

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Onto the hardware! The ghd Rose Gold Hairdryer* (£99) is a beast in the home hairdryer world pumping out 2,100 watts of salon standard air to dry your locks in no time at all. With speeds 2x faster than other hairdryers this is one of the best i’ve used and my hair loves it. It’s cut drying time in half for me and i find it incredibly light and sturdy to use – not to mention it looks gorgeous with it’s rose gold accents! With Ionic technology it helps to combat frizz and leave your hair looking super shiny making drying a complete breeze (excuse the pun!). I can’t recommend this dryer enough girlies, definitely one to look at if you’re thinking of upgrading!

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Last but not least is one of my go-to products in the hair world Batiste Heavenly Volume Dry Shampoo*  (£3.99). I worship Batiste in all it’s forms but this one is amazing for adding a bit of oomph to your hair if you find it looking a little flat. Without any sticky powders it works wonders to lift the roots and add a little volume all round without having to resort to the dreaded backcomb. It also helps absorb any extra oils that may be creeping in so your hair looks as fresh as a daisy for days and days – a must have for everyone!

What are your top tips for extending a blowdry?

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