Homeware Inspiration with Wayfair | My Top Picks

You can tell you’re officially an adult when you stop window shopping for clothes and start window shopping for homeware! I can’t tell you the amount of time I spend online looking at all the beautiful things I could buy for my kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom – is that sad? Probably!

I always get asked about my homestyle in the background of my vlogs so I thought I’d share my little Wayfair wishlist with you all in the hope it might spread a bit of homestyle inspo!

The Cutest Terrarium

I love plants around my home and I even have some real ones now…I know, growing up! I’ve always loved the look of terrariums, especially geo shaped ones and I think this one is perfect for your coffee table, or the bathroom OR the kitchen! It will just go anywhere and add a touch of design to any room along with a bit of greenery!

Tropical Vibes Duvet

I love a good tropical print and one place I always go print heavy is my bedroom! Everything else in there is pretty plain – white walls, white furniture and a simple grey headboard – so we can go a little crazy on the sheets! I absolutely LOVE this palm print duvet set with the blue reversible pattern. Keep the summer going all year long!


We all know how much I love a bit of copper and rose gold in my house – wouldn’t be a millennia blogger if I didn’t! I’ve been looking to upgrade the cheap ‘it’ll do for now’ lap I bought when I moved in and I’m totally enamoured with the arched design. Usually these types of lamp can hold a hefty price tag but this Copper Arched Lamp from Wayfair is a steal at under £150!

Toby’s New Luxury Dog Bed

Ok, so we can’t be buying things for the house and not include Toby! He has a dog bed I got from Pets at Home when he was a puppy that went perfectly with my old colour scheme, but that was over a year ago and my interiors have changed twice since then! So it’s time to upgrade his bed to something a bit more neutral like this little number from Banbury that will sit with any colour scheme I try in the living room, summer or winter!

The Perfect Coffee Table

Another item I quickly and cheaply bought when I moved into my little flat was my coffee table – £15 and ‘it did a job’! I’ve been looking to replace this one for a long time now but haven’t quite found the right style…until now! I adore the gold and white colouring and geo style of this table and I think it would go with so many people’s decor too! Just the right size to be pretty functional but also super stylish – love love love.

Delicious Dinnerware

I used to be really funny about my plates only really liking plain white dinnerware! But recently I’ve been getting a bit more adventurous with some funky serving plates and patterned dipping bowls. I know, rebel. I like to keep my normal plates fairly plain however so the food can do the talking but I recently spotted this freckled dinnerware set and fell in love. How cute is that pattern! Not too in your face so it distracts from the food, but a bit more interesting than plain white, WANT!

The Fluffiest Robe

Everyone needs a fluffy cosy robe in their house, they’re literally the best for cold evenings or for when you’ve just stepped out of that warm bath or shower. But finding a good quality soft one can sometimes be tricky. NEVER FEAR! I’ve found THE one from Avaris which is Egyptian Cotton and hotel quality, perfect for those cosy nights in.

If you had a bottomless bank balance what would you choose?!


*This isn’t a sponsored post although I have worked with Wayfair in the past on a gifting basis. I just thought it would make a fun post as I’m forever window shopping!