Healthy Eating, Spring Evenings and Me Time

This week i’ve been on a mission! As i started #TheK2Movement on Monday i’ve been eating super healthy and moving a lot more which has been quite the shock to the system! I’d like to say i’ve been enjoying it but it’s been super tough – going from eating whatever you want when you want and not using your body to being strict with your intake and burpees isn’t fun, i ache everywhere and i’m bloody starving!!! On the flip side however i do feel a lot better for it and i’m starting to regain the self-confidence i had when i was taking charge and really pushing my body. I feel terrible when i walk up a set of stairs and find myself out of breath – i have a fully functioning body so i should be using it instead of taking it for granted. We shall push on and hopefully my two week progress will give me the boost i need to power through!

Spring was certainly in full force this week with some seriously sunny days and the evenings getting a lot lighter. I received a very cool package from Benefit for their How Do You Hoola campaign and Wilson looked incredibly cool in the sunglasses! He then proceeded to destroy my mini bucket and spade that came inside the box and looked very pleased with himself…thanks Wilson! It’s been lovely coming home from work and it still being light and walking him around the block without needing a torch! The blossom is in full force and things are starting to look a lot sunnier!

Drinks al fresco on our new garden furniture - thoroughly enjoying the first warm day of Spring ⛅️

Joe and I are on a mission to tackle our garden next after we transformed our kitchen last year so as the weather was gorgeous on Friday i thought i’d give us a head start by buying us some garden furniture to sit out on and enjoy a drink or two! We settled down with margaritas, a Stella Cidre and some Jamie’s Olives and caught up on our weeks in the fading Spring sunshine – hopefully the first of many lazy evenings together in the fresh air this year!

Saturday was such a productive day for me! I started with a healthy brekkie – Joe’s first attempt at poached eggs, 10/10 – and then cracked on photographing lots of exciting things for the blog! I got some beautiful new wide fit brogues from Clarks and some exciting releases from Barry M too so i snapped away and sat down to edit while Joe pottered and picked up some bits for a friend’s BBQ in the evening. As i was on a roll i decided to skip the BBQ and have a night in to myself finishing off some blog bits and having a little pamper! After a rather healthy but tasty veggie dinner i snuggled up on the sofa with a skinny cosmo and Netflix while Wilson snored away in the corner – fantastic company, thanks pup!

Sunday i was off to Birmingham for a Blogger’s Afternoon Tea at Hotel La Tour! I got to catch up with some familiar faces and meet some new ones too whilst drinking prosecco, earl grey and tucking into some delicious sandwiches and cakes with live music playing in the background – such a wonderful afternoon. Afterwards i went for a few naughty Gin & Slim’s with Charl from Gingergirlsays and we had a long overdue life catch-up in the Mailbox. By the time i got home i was starving and i totally caved by ordering a Chinese takeaway with Joe!!! Luckily i’d been so good throughout the week even with my creamy cakes and chow mein we still came out ok calorie-wise for the week, winner!

This week is set to be a busy one in the office with more healthy eating and hard workouts – wish me luck, i’m a woman on a mission!