IT HAPPENED!!! | xameliax Weekly Vlog #89

Ho Ho Ho, Meeeeerrrrry Christmaa…ok, so we’re all done with that stuff now for another year! But as we work a week behind in the youtube world you’re going to have to get a little festive with me for this week’s vlog.

Christmas this year was a quiet one for me but I enjoyed every moment of it. I’d never been alone on Christmas Eve before nor on Christmas Day night, but as my Dad is allergic to dogs and I didn’t want to miss Toby’s first Christmas we had to limit time together so everyone was happy and safe.

My Dad painted me the most amazing portrait of Toby and mum went overboard on the holiday chocolate in my stocking – much appreciated! And they both spoilt toby within an inch of his life with food toys and treats, he had the merriest of Christmases there could be and having him around really made it special for us all!

Around the big day were lots of festive drinks, food, friend time and relaxation days too! I actually took a week off – shock horror – and didn’t do any work (apart from film little bits and bobs for this vlog). It was bliss. I was really able to re-charge my batteries and prepare for the turning of the year, which I was and am very excited about.

Just before New Year however, I did something a little, drastic. I chopped off my hair and donated it to The Little Princess Trust!

Now those of you who are long-term followers will know that I’m quite attached to my super long locks. They’ve become sort of a security blanket for me over the 8 years I’ve been growing them and after a horrible bullying experience at school have also somewhat become part of my identity.

But I decided that it was time to say goodbye. Start the new year by doing a good deed and by giving myself a whole new look and sense of self.

Typically on the day we chopped it my hair was looking particularly princess-like and desirable….trust me, most of the time it looks like a birds nest – but we still went for it and I have to say – I BLOODY LOVE IT!!!

Feel free to watch at the vlog below for the finished look, and if you have any hair to spare and fancy doing something awesome yourself – you can find out everything you need to know about donating to The Little Princess Trust HERE!

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Here’s to 2018, a brand new year and 365 days of new adventures – I hope you all had the most wonderful break and are ready to take on another year with me!