Dipping My Toe in the Tartan Pool | Gretna Green Cashmere Tartan Scarf

Gretna Green Tartan Scarf

I wasn’t sure about rocking the tartan trend at first, and it wasn’t until a clever twitter follower suggested starting off with something small like a scarf that i braved this bold new autumn winter trend. I have to say, I absolutely LOVE it. Even though it’s such a strong print I find it goes with so many items and I end up reaching for it a lot more than I should (I shall soon be known as the tartan scarf lady around town and all the children will point and stare…).

The quality of this particular tartan is just stunning. 100% cashmere and as soft as a mouse’s ear, it’s perfect for wrapping yourself up in and snuggling into before braving the harsh autumn winds. A little bit shorter than I’m used to I find it’s best to tuck the end into your coat so the cold can’t creep in or tie around in a semi-knot so it doesn’t slip round.

There are cheaper tartans on the market, you can pick one up from Primark for under a tenner but you can tell this is a quality scarf and with it being such an iconic trend it’s well worth splashing out on the proper thing.

You can find this stunning scarf on the Gretna Green website HERE for just £29.99!

Have you embraced the tartan trend? How far would you go to the Scotty side?

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