A Week with Gousto Box | Is it as Quick, Easy and Delicious as They Claim?

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Calling all food fans…or anyone who feels like their stuck in a bit of a mid-week dinner rut!

Last month Chris and I decided to sign up for a Gousto Box and shake things up a little for our mid-week meals. We’d got into a bit of a habit – Salmon and rice Mondays, Pesto Pasta Tuesdays, Fajita Wednesdays, Chicken and Veg Thursday and an over-priced takeaway on Friday just to cut through the boredom! Sound familiar?

We found an offer for 50% off our first Gousto box which meant that 4 meals for the both of us worked out at around £2.10 per meal, and the recipes looked delicious…so we took the plunge!

Gousto say their meals are easy to cook, barely take any time and taste delicious…but do they live up to their claims?

Take a look at how we got on during our first week on Gousto…

We genuinely love our Gousto deliveries and have them most weeks now! It’s really brought back my love for cooking and helped us climb out of a mid-week meal rut.

I look forward to dinner each night and we’re wracking up quite a nice portfolio of recipes! It’s also a lovely thing to do together as a couple over a glass of wine on a Friday night.

We honestly can’t rate them enough – best thing we did in ages!



gousto box review and discount code


DISCLOSURE: We paid for our Gousto box ourselves and have no affiliation whatsoever with the company. The 50% off link in this post contains our unique referral code that every customer of Gousto receives when they sign up to share with their family and friends. This code gives us £15 credit every time someone uses it to sign up to Gousto and we can then use this £15 credit to get money off our next box when we buy one.

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