.Get Cash For Your Old Clothes from Music Magpie.

Since my recent lifestyle change and dropping of dress sizes i’ve been re-hauling my wardrobe with new clothes that actually fit (or at least that’s my excuse!). Sadly though now i have several giant piles of clothes that i no longer need but that are in quite good condition! 


I could keep them for a rainy day in case i put all the weight i’ve lost back on, however that’s a rather depressing thought and quite a defeatist attitude and not one i’m overly comfortable with thinking about. I’ve given quite a bit to charity, my Primark bits and bobs that only cost me a few pounds but still deserve a new home, however i have other branded items that would be better suited to somewhere like ebay. Despite my new active lifestyle i’m still however too lazy to sit down and ebay everything so when i discovered Music Magpie take clothes as well as old CD’s DVD’s and Games i was pleasantly surprised.

How does it work?

Simply enter the brand and the type of clothing you want to sell on their website plus the size, colour and material and Music Magpie will give you a price for your item! Soon enough this starts to wrack up and you’ve got yourself enough money to put towards (yet another) shopping spree – it’s brilliant!

I’d definitely recommend it for those wanting to make a little bit of money from their old clothes but don’t have the time or patience to list everything on ebay. You may not get the highest price for your items but considering they are used and it’s so easy to do, you can’t really complain and as tesco say – every little helps!

Start Mag-pieing now and sell your old clothes at musicMagpie today!

Have you used Music Magipie for clothes before?

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