The New Shaving Subscription Box You Need In Your Life

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Article By | Caroline Lichfield

I love a good subscription box, there’s nothing more exciting than getting it through your door and then if your like me tearing into it like a kid on Christmas Day. So when I heard that there was a new one coming out from Friction Free Shaving (or FFS for short) I knew I had to try it.

I’ll admit I am a bit tight when it comes to paying for new razor blades. I will actually use them until I literally need a new one but when company’s charge £20 a time for a set of 6 razor blades can you blame me? I have been using Gillette razors for as long as I can remember but they are not cheap and not everyone is made of money.

This is one of those subscription boxes that you think “how has no-one thought of this yet?”. FFS will send you a lovely shiny razor and four razor blades every month straight to your door, so that is one a week. No more gross blades.  The best bit though…They start out as little as £3 and the most expensive one is just £7. That is truly amazing isn’t it?

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There are three different razor’s you can buy. For £3 a month you will get the Faye razor sent to you, this is a lovely clear looking razor with four 2 blade razor heads. Then there is Frankie this comes in Pink or Blue and has four 3 blade heads. Lastly is Samantha, this is the one I picked up and it is a gorgeous Rose Gold colour and also comes in Blue with four 5 blade heads. This is the first razor blade I have had that in my opinion is deemed Instagram worthy.

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Friction First Shaver 5I’m sat here writing this and I have only just realised Faye, Frankie and Samantha – FFS! How did I not get that till now?

So the great thing is not just the price but if you don’t feel the need to change your blades every single week, there is an option to have a box sent out to you every other month. I honestly love this razor, I was expecting it to actually be quite heavy but it’s really not. It’s nice and light and the head pivots really well to get to all the hard to reach places plus it feels high quality.

What a great idea, I’m sold!

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