Filming with Benefit Cosmetics and Jared Bailey #BrowSOS

Hey beauty fans! Today i’m bringing you a behind the scenes sneaky peak from my film shoot with Benefit Cosmetics and Their Global Brow Expert Jared Bailey! On Saturday I traveled down to Benetowers – Benefit Cosmetics HQ – to interview their Brow Ambassador Jared on all things eyebrows with your questions from Twitter and Facebook and it was such a fun day! Here’s a few behind the scenes shots from the shoot to keep you going until our video goes live…

benefit jared bailey interview

Benefit Filming (4)The Benefit offices are absolutely gorgeous, you can see why everyone loves working there! With posters, products and whole lot of pink there’s so much to look at and it felt more like a home than a workplace. Joe and I arrived at the offices just after lunch and I got changed before getting my hair and makeup done by the artists on set. We went for killer curls (which stayed in for the whole weekend…i must get hold of that Paul Mitchel extra body finishing spray!) and a subtle natural face – with killer brows, obviously – thanks Lauren! Once i was camera ready we moved through to the main filming area and took our (pink) seats in-front of the cameras!

benefit jared bailey interview

Jared Bailey benefit instagram

Jared is ready for his close-up…find him on instagram @jrobertbailey!

Benefit Filming (2)

xameliax benefit, jared bailey benefit brow sos

The crew were amazing, from lighting, to sound to film and our directer really helped me feel at ease. There’s a big difference from sitting in your bedroom alone talking to your camera, to being in a studio with 6 people watching you do your thang! I picked up a few tips from when i filmed with Babyliss on their Get The Look campaign although i still forgot we had external mics on at first and there was no need to shout…apologies to your ears Mr Sound Man!!!

xameliax benefit, Jared Bailey benefit, brow sos
xameliax benefit, jared bailey benefit, brow sos

Getting the brow low down from Jared and firing him some of your questions!

xameliax benefit, jared bailey benefit, brow sos

“You can’t spell eyebrows without the word ‘bro'” – Jared’s thoughts on Men’s grooming!

Jared Bailey is AH-MAY-ZING! From the moment i walked through the door his larger than life personality made me feel right at ease and he’s so much fun to hang out with! A real inspiration for me, Jared oozes likable confidence and was such a pro – so genuine and kind, a true professional – you can see why Benefit fly him around the world to talk about the brand, he’s a beaut. Our time in front of the camera flew by as we chatted through your questions picking up loads of brow tips and having so much fun along the way!

Benefit Filming (5)

xameliax benefit

It was actually my birthday on the day of filming, so when we finished shooting Aaman  – Benefit’s PR Star – brought out a Red Velvet (my favey!) birthday cake and a bag full of beautiful birthday gifts which completely took me by surprise and was incredibly thoughtful! The crew sung a fantastic rendition of Happy Birthday before i blew out my candles and made a wish! What a fantastic way to spend a birthday and i can’t wait to see the finished interview!

jared bailey benefit xameliax

That’s a wrap…but first, let us take a selfie!

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A huge thank you to Benefit for inviting me down, it was a real honour – what a wonderful experience and a birthday i certainly won’t forget in a hurry!