Sun In A Bottle With A Tropical Twist | Fake Bake Flawless Tan

It’s been a while since I fake tanned as I like to spend the winter months embracing my ‘English Rose’ complexion but the other week I was invited to a Mexican themed birthday party so I thought it would be a good opportunity to break out the bronze! Last year I tried a few different fake tan products that I liked including another from the Fake Bake range their 60 Minute Tan* so I’ve gotten pretty confident with slapping it on and i wasn’t scared by my new Fake Bake Flawless* bottle. This one smells amazing, it’s just like holiday!!! I opened it and was transported back to Greece last year in the sunshine with a cocktail (note to self, book another holiday) and it instantly cheered me up, and that’s before i even started applying it.

The Flawless self tan liquid It has a colour indicator in with it so you can see where you’ve been and don’t end up all patchy. So with a couple of sprays on the Fake Bake tanning mitt (which are by far the best I’ve found) you’re good to go rubbing it in small circles and getting your tan on! It took me about 5 minutes to tan everywhere with a little help from the boy on my back and once dry I slipped into some old pjs and went about my evening! I felt brave so I left it on over night and washed it up in the morning giving it about 12 hours to develop. I was worried I’d wake up to an angry boyfriend and brown sheets but there was no sign of my tan on the bed and it washed off to reveal a really lovely subtle tan all over with zero streaks – result!

I’m very impressed with this Fake Bake offering i have to say and it was so incredibly easy to use without leaving me looking like an oompa lumpa or with ruined bed sheets. Moving into spring I’ll definitely be using this again for a simple subtle glow!

You can find the whole Fake Bake self tan range on their website HERE and grab a bottle of their Flawless Self Tan Liquid for £22.95!

What’s your go-to tanner? Have you tried any of the Fake Bake range?

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