Fake Bake 60 Minute Tanner | Review

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, being super pale makes me pre-disposed to fearing any kind of fake tan product. I’ve only recently braved using a tanning mitt with my Melvita Gradual tanner* and that even felt a bit too much for me! But although i’m still in love with the natural glow my gradual tan gives, sometimes i feel in need of a bit more colour and it’s usually in a mad panic whilst getting ready to go out for drinks or somewhere important showing my ghostly pins. The only actual fake tan in my possession cost a grand total of 99p (review here) and although it works a treat it won’t do any good if you’ve made a last minute decision to go brown.

Now there are instant fake tan creams and sprays out there that give you a lovely colour right away and wash off at the end of the night, but quite frankly they strike fear into my heart! What happens if you get nudged in the ladies whilst washing your hands, or someone spills their Sauvignon Blanc down your arm?! Are you meant to wander around for the rest of the night with a giant white patch shining through for all to see? I don’t think i’m quite there yet. However when Fake Bake contacted me and asked if i’d like to try out their 60 Minute Fake Tan Mist* that gives you a perfect glow in just 1 hour that won’t wash off with a spilled cocktail i was intrigued enough to say yes and give it a whirl!

It comes in a big 236ml bottle with an attachable spray pump, pretty pink tanning mitt, a set of black application rubber gloves and instructions on how to get tanned – in short: exfoliate, moisturise your elbows and knees, spray the tanner onto the pink side of your mitt and rub it in! I nearly had a heart attack when i first pressed the pump because it actually looks like creosote!!! Luckily that’s just the guide colour so you can see where you’ve been, a fantastic feature, but one to scare all the fake tan newbies out there! It’s so easy to use and i’d done my whole body (apart from a patch on my back) within about 5 minutes.

Timer set to 1 hour, lets go.

I let the tan settle in for another 5 before putting on some loose pjs and pottering around for the 60 minutes as instructed for a light glow and then i jumped in the shower to wash it all off. Unfortunately even on my super pale skin the 60 minutes didn’t really touch me. It took the harshness of my skin tone away slightly but didn’t leave me that glowy so i took one for the team and tried again, this time leaving it on for the longest time of 3 hours before washing off. That’s more like it! A lovely subtle, natural looking tan that left me feeling like i’d been out in the garden all day catching rays, when really i’d been sat editing videos in my pjs in the comfort of my own room!

So my final verdict? This is a fantastic fake tan for pale to medium skin tones if you’re looking for a quick boost before going out on the town. It’s not quite as quick as one hour but you can have a lovely natural looking tan in as little as two and it doesn’t really smell like fake tan either; always a bonus for me. I’ll definitely be buying this again as the guide colour is really useful, it’s so easy to apply and the end result didn’t leave me looking like an oompa lumpa – well done Fake Bake!

You can grab a bottle HERE from the Fake Bake website for just £24.95 with a luxury tanning mitt and application gloves!

Have you tried Fake Bake’s 60 Minute Tan? How long did you leave yours on for? What do you think?

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