BB Creams, Targeted Treatments and Serums all for Blemish Prone Faces | Estee Lauder Clear Difference Range

A couple of weeks back John Lewis sent me three items from the Estee Lauder Clear Difference Range to trial and they honestly couldn’t have come at a better time. My skin was incredibly angry, broken out and just generally grey looking so I needed to ramp up my acne fighting products and get it back on track. I’ve had great success with all three products so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you all in the hope it may help others with the same skin woes!

Advanced Blemish Serum* (£44)- This serum feels wonderful on the skin, so glossy and moisturising without being greasy. Applied under makeup or moisturiser it helps balance the skin and clear everything up and I’ve noticed my whole face seems to have cleared up all over with even the little ‘bumpy under the skin that never come to anything blemishes’ being reduced! It also helps to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day and stop my foundation clumping or flaking towards the end after being under the air con all at the office. Such a luxurious feeling product but one that seems to work too.

Targeted Blemish Treatment* (£25) – This stuff is amazing. It looks a little scary in the packaging but it’s actually just a metal rollerball that with a click of the pen distributes a clear gel to be rubbed over any active or up and coming blemishes. It actually reminds me of some of the stuff I used to get from the doctors during my teenage years but with a better smell and less sting! It makes your skin feel a little tight after application but I saw results on some nasty blemishes nearly over-night. Very impressed with this one and I’d definitely buy it again.

Complexion Perfecting BB Cream* (£34)- I’ve never really got on with BB Creams but I’ve been wanting to try another one for a while. I have the sweetest boyfriend in the world who tells me I’m beautiful with or without makeup on so I feel comfortable going bare faced with him on a lazy Sunday, but sometimes for my own sanity I like to have a little coverage even if I don’t want to slap on a whole face of foundation. I have the light shade which is still probably a touch too dark for me at the moment (i’m nearly transparent!) but once blended it doesn’t look too out of place. The best thing about this cream is how glowly it leaves your skin! It’s so moisturising whilst controlling oil and seems to blur any imperfections (without totally masking everything), covers redness and really lifts the whole face. I love it and it’s been a true lazy weekend staple since it dropped through my door.

It’s not often I find a range of acne clearing products that I like everything from so I’m very impressed with these and have found myself using them every day. They’re certainly not cheap products but if you’re a blemish prone lady (or gent) looking for some solutions then I’d recommend everything from this range – you’ll never know if they work for you unless you try.

You can find the Estee Lauder Clear Difference range exclusively on the John Lewis website HERE.

Do you use anything from the Clear Difference Range? What’s your skin niggle?

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