Eating My Way Around Notting Hill Carnival

I’ve never been to Notting Hill Carnival before with its colourful parades and incredible food stalls, but this year Rennie invited me down for the experience to eat as much Street food as possible and #RavewithRennie!

As I hopped on the train from Birmingham to London I wasn’t sure what to expect on this hot and sunny British Bank Holiday. But as I boarded the tube at Marylebone I started to see what all the fuss about Carnival was all about! People with body paint and moon buns ready to dance, eat and drink on the streets of London – yaaaas please!

Notting Hill Carnival is crowded so be prepared for lots of party loving people and a few queues here and there. But also be prepared for loads of colour, parades and amazing smells as you wander through the streets with rum cocktails and jerk chicken sandwiched between dancing ladies in feathers and glitter – there aint no party like a carival PAAAARTAAAAY!

With chicken and rice and peas, hot corn on the cob, Malibu cocktails in hollowed out pineapples and grills as far as the eye can see – street food is the language we speak at Carnival. From stall to stall the Caribbean spiced food gets more intense as you make your way through the festival and there’s people eating and drinking on every free curb – a street party with abundant food and drink is my kind of place!

I was a bit worried when I first saw all the different streets food stalls because a) how am I going to try it all? And b) how’s my body going to cope hopping from jerk seasoned fried meat to corn to cocktails and back again in one sitting! But never fear as I have some top tips for your visit to Notting Hill Carnival:

  • Take Cash: Most vendors only deal with money so make sure you take enough cash for the day before you step off the train as most nearby ATM’s run out pretty quickly.
  • Be Prepared To Queue: Lines are long at the best street food stalls and the carnival is busy anyway so be prepared to wait in line for your grub…trust me, it’s worth the wait!
  • Crowd Watch: Again, Carnival is BUSY so if you’re someone who gets a little anxious in crowds then go in groups and plan your routes in and out effectively. Most of the main tube stations such as Notting Hill Gate are closed around key times in carnival so know your route to and from Bayswater instead, and again…prepare to queue!
  • Go Hungry: There are so many amazing food stalls at NH Carnival so make sure you’re hungry when you arrive! Take some Rennie with you to stop Bloating and so you can try ALL OF THE FOOD! Plan your next couple of meals there…it’s totally worth it!
  • Drink Up: Red Stripe and Rum Cocktails are in abundance at Carnival but make sure you take some water too so you can keep up with the partying all afternoon long! There are streets vendors all around selling everything you need and even public loos, you’re all covered but it’s always good to stay hydrated especially if the sunshine is roaring!

Notting Hill Carnival is so much fun with a boat load of energy to boot! If you’re a foodie then 100% head down to experience all those jerk delights, or if you’re just after a fun afternoon in the sun then this is your place.

Fun for all at Carnival!


*This post is in conjunction with Rennie but all thoughts are my own