Why You Don’t Have To Leave The UK To Have An Amazing Break


Article by | Stephanie Usher |

Whilst it’s nice to have an exotic break in the sunshine, I’m a big advocate for the UK break. When you start digging around there are lots of amazing places to visit, right here on English soil. I recently had a break in one of my most favourite UK destinations – Center Parcs. They have five holiday destinations all over the UK, so here’s bound to be somewhere close to you. In May we headed to the newest of the three resorts; Woburn Forest. We were looking for the best location for a relaxing but fun break and you know what? We found it!


Accommodation Options 

After much deliberation, we opted for an Executive Lodge, which offers two double bedrooms, a twin room and three bathrooms. On top of that you get a living area, kitchen, a garden, BBQ and a sauna. Yep, a SAUNA! The villages an lodges are all based in active woodland, so you’re surrounded by nature and wildlife. It’s the perfect place to sit back, relax and watch the world go by.

woburn forest


We spent a lot of time just relaxing at our lodge, which was both spacious and comfortable! We decided to take  advantage of the beautiful weather to host two huge BBQs. We had plenty of utensils in the kitchen and a generous outdoor table, which meant we could all sit outside. As you can see by the pictures, it was quite the spread!

Getting Messy With Outdoor Activities 

As well as the impressive lodge options, Center Parcs has a lot more to offer. There is a village square which features lots of cute shops and a whole host of restaurants too. Which was perfect for the days we did not want to cook. We had two great breakfasts in ‘The Pancake House’, where you have the option of pancakes, waffles or omelettes. We also had a great dinner in Hucks, which is an American-style diner.


When we weren’t BBQ-ing in the garden we spent our time splashing in the swimming pool, which includes flumes, a wave pool and some rapids (which is our personal favourite). We were on holiday during an off-peak period and there was so much space to relax. There’s even a Starbucks and a good quality restaurant/bar in the swimming pool for when you want to slow down with a Mojito! On top of the water activities, you have the chance to get down and dirty with some more strenuous activities. We spent two hours exploring the village on Segways (which was so the most fun I’ve had in ages) and the boys also spent a couple of hours spending laser tag!


A Little Bit Of Luxury

If you’d prefer not to be in the mud, there is a lot to do inside! You can rent badminton courts, tennis courts and table tennis tables. You can also play pool and go bowling too, all at quite reasonable prices. You can go for a cupcake decorating class, paint a piece of pottery or even had a photography session – the possibilities are endless!



However, you may be pleased that there are some more luxurious activities available. Did I mention there’s a spa? Oh yes! The Aqua Sauna is available at selected villages and they are really one-of-a-kind. The take pride in combining the best innovations from all over Europe to create a ‘World of Spa’. The spa is split into six sections; Fire & Ice, Blossom, Herbal, Sensory, Mineral & Gemstone and Salt. Each area has at least one sauna, steam room and relaxation room, meaning there is a whole world to explore. You can even spend time looking over the forest in the outdoor infinity pool.

Whilst the boys were rolling down hills in laser tag, my sister and I decided to go for afternoon tea. There were plenty of sandwiches, lots of scones and lots of cakes too. So many cakes that we had to take them home with us! We polished it all off with Prosecco and strawberries, we definitely had the more civilised afternoon!


Getting Value For Money

We had the most wonderful week, we really didn’t want to go home. The boys had to drag my sister and I away from the pool at 7pm on the Friday! We travelled off peak, which meant all the children where at school and we were in the company of a much older population. The prices vary dramatically, so it’s worth examining the prices to get the best value! The total price for our accommodation was £530, but a few weeks later we would have had to pay £1699. All the activities, except the swimming pool, come at an additional price so you have to factor them into the price too!

There’s a lot to be said for a UK break with all the activities and fun to be had! Yes while you’re not guaranteed a perfect suntan at Centre Parcs you are guaranteed so many amazing memories and great experiences!

Have you had any amazing UK breaks? Let us know all about them in the comments!

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