Makeup Drawer Clear Out | A Speed Clean for Give & Makeup Women’s Refuge

Last month I filmed my first ever Speed Cleaning video…and you loved it! So much so whenever I ask for filming suggestions on my instagram, speed cleaning comes out number 1 – it turns out we all like to watch a good clean!

As I’ve been meaning to clear out my over-spilling makeup drawer for some time now I thought that would be a great one to film next and also a fab opportunity to tell you about a great charity called Give and Makeup.

Set up By Caroline Hirons, Give & Makeup is a non-profit initiative with the aim to get everyday essentials into the hands of women and children at Refuge and Women’s Aid. They take clothes, toys, toiletries and makeup that are nearly new and pass it on to women in need.

I’m clearing out my makeup drawer today and packaging up my suitable makeup for Give & Makeup…and also giving what’s left a good old scrub. Seriously this drawer of mine is in need of a lot of speed clean TLC!

WATCH: My Makeup Drawer Clearout & Donation to Give & Makeup

If you feel like you too can help, then please do visit the Give & Makeup page here!