Diorshow Blackout Mascara | Noir

I have a few mascaras knocking around in my makeup bag which i play with most days but i’ve never really found a mascara that i really love. The only one that’s come close is No7’s Exquisite Curl which i’ve re-brought a few times but still felt it was lacking something.

This mascara however is amazing. The photo above really doesn’t do it justice, they look so much plumper and longer in real life. The brush with this mascara is really big so i think i may need to practice a little more getting the application a bit neater but it’s a proper bristle brush instead of plastic which i love. It glides on so smoothly and builds up really well to pack a real punch on your lashes, so you can easily change up your look from day to night. I actually feel comfortable wearing it without my signature liquid liner because my lashes stand out so much!

The packaging is classic and the tube is nice to hold, plus the Dior label makes it a good one to rest near the top of your makeup bag! It dries fairly quickly and stays put too, I did get rained on and survived without it running down my face which is great news!

Dior Blackout retails between £20-25 and i think it’s worth every penny. It’s certainly going to be one i’ll re-purchase when it’s gone.

Have you tried Dior Blackout, what do you think? Do you prefer bristle or plastic brushes?

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