Detoxing & Setting Sail | My Week In Photos & xameliax Weekly Vlog Episode 28

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This week’s week in photos post is going to look at liiiitle empty, because I’ve been on a digital detox all week which means no social media, not even my favourite, instagram! From Monday-Friday I removed all social apps and emails from my phone as a little experiment and mental health break, and you know what? It’s been really interesting. I’ll be writing up a whole blog post and maybe even filming a video talking about what my digital detox taught me but it was incredibly worthwhile doing even if just to take a little step back and re-align priorities.

Digital Detox

It was a super busy week last week for me ahead of my very first cruise (which I’m currently on right now, come follow me on instagram @xameliax and say hi!). I had so many videos to film, blog posts to schedule and a million little tasks to tie up and do before signing off for four days. I had a few very sleepless nights due to being up until after midnight working and it was pretty much just me tied to my laptop for 5 days straight!

Breakfast in bed

On Saturday Joe brought me breakfast in bed and then I went for coffee with Sarah Jayne from Bella Coco – it’s so nice to meet new bloggers and youtubers and talk shop. Talking to someone who gets it and can share knowledge and tips really helps refocus you and also allows you to vent frustrations others wouldln’t necessarily understand. Keep your eyes peeled for some video collabs soon! It was early nights all round ready for a 6am flight to Barcelona the next day…ouch!

Watch: xameliax Weekly Vlog Episode 28


I’m really excited to share my first ever cruise experience with you guys, I’m hoping I don’t get sea sick!!! And when I get back I have two days to recover before jetting off again for a weekend in Amsterdam with Joe (please do leave any Amsterdam city guide/blogs/tips links below!) which I honestly can’t wait for!

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I hope you have an amazing week guys, wish me luck at sea…ALL ABOARD!!!